Feed Your Imagination Ginger Blackpepper Grapefruit Oil Chocolate Fantastic (100g)

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Welcome to feeding your imagination ltd. Here you will find a selection of our organic therapeutic and fairtrade chocolate masterpieces brought to you by celebrity chef
Paul Da-Costa-Greaves and feeding your imagination. View our selection of producter here. Fairtrade chocolate Our fairtrade chocolate contributes to sustainable development practices so that everyone, through their work, can maintain a decent and dignified livelihood.  All of our chocolate gifts are available to purchase online through the Online Shop.


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Feed Your Imagination 
Ginger Blackpepper Grapefruit Oil Chocolate Fantastic  
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Feed Your Imagination Ginger Blackpepper Grapefruit Oil Chocolate Fantastic (100g) £3.77

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Feed Your Imagination Ginger Blackpepper Grapefruit Oil Chocolate Fantastic overview

Associated with indulgence, addiction, and seduction, Chocolate is deeply embedded in food culture the world over. From the bitter hit of the richest dark chocolates to the mild and sugary pallor of a milky bar, chocolate can be counted amongst one of the most intensely sophisticated foods and also one of the most childish. In celebration of National Chocolate Week, WGTE takes a mini tour of all things chocolaty.
What’s extraordinary about chocolate is the extent to which this exotic foodstuff has managed to infiltrate British culture and tickle our notoriously timid taste buds. Like the ancient Aztecs who used chocolate in their sacred rituals, we instinctively recognise its higher properties. Chocolate is the most frequently given gift; it’s the complementary part of eating out or of hotel service; we use it as a sleeping aid and as a full stop to a meal. More than any other food, chocolate has become part of our daily rituals.
Brought to Europe in the 17th century by the Spanish, it became a fashionable drink thought to have nutritious and medicinal properties. Its supposed restorative and even aphrodisiac effects made it popular amongst the European elite, including Casanova, who was especially fond of the stuff. While the cacao bean is naturally rich in caffeine and antioxidants, the health benefits of chocolate depend largely on the extent to which it is refined.
Paul Da-Costa-Greaves describes himself as a Chef, Spiritual Healer & Chocolate Therapist. He is quick to point out the more saintly side of chocolate: ‘Any artisan chocolate is therapeutic by nature as it naturally releases feel good hormones’. He adds herbs and essential oils to his ‘Feeding Your Imagination range of Therapeutic Chocolate’:
“ ‘Fantastic’ with ginger, black pepper and grapefruit is great for people suffering with fatigue, the combined properties of citrus, black pepper and ginger strengthen and wake you up during those dreary fatigue moments.”
Such is our national addiction that we now crave 70% coco solids mixed with things like chilli, lime- pickle and sea salt. In its less processed state chocolate is a potent ingredient with many layers of flavour that can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. In celebration of chocolate week Covent Garden restaurant Clos Maggiore will serve a chocolate taster menu. Dishes will include ‘Roasted Foie Gras from ‘Les Landes’ with Poached Rhubarb, Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Biscotti’ or the unusual sounding ‘Pan Roasted Icelandic Halibut with Wilted Lettuce, White Chocolate & Caviar Beurre Blanc.’ Head chef Marcellin Marc comments,
"For me, the best way to use chocolate in a savoury dish, either dark or white, is with moderation, in the same way that I would use salt, pepper or other spices; It's so versatile that you can use it to draw out a great many flavours."
"When I use it, it's instead of butter. It makes sauces thicker and gives them a sweet touch that also adds a more sophisticated and complex taste. It goes particularly well with game such as venison and pigeon, matching the strong and robust flavours.”

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