Dr Purple Blueberry Punch (750ml)

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Based on the most powerful fat soluble antioxidants, Dr. Red Blueberry Punch is now called Dr Purple Blueberry Punch is already creating much excitement in Australia where it is produced. Using raw materials like turmeric, citrus and olive leaf as well as blueberries, University of Sydney testing shows that Blueberry Punch is in a class of its own for antioxidant power. Featured in two separate articles in the Daily Mail, Dr Red Blueberry Punch is an evidence based, antioxidant enriched, blueberry concentrate.

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Dr Purple Blueberry Punch overview

Dr Purple ( DrRed Blueberry Punch), an all-natural fruit juice concentrate, has already showed exciting results in shrinking prostate cancer tumours in laboratory trials carried out at Sydney University. Now the company has gained ethics approval to begin large-scale human trials.

Further information about Dr Purple Blueberry Punch

Speaking at Natural & Organic Products Europe, Dr Red’s Helena Scott said she believed the product was poised to make a major contribution in the treatment of prostate cancer. She said: “Leading urologists acknowledge that it is important to treat prostate cancer using a multi-faceted approach. In that sense we are ahead of the pharmaceutical industry with our product which acts on nine different pathways, and that is why it is creating so much interest within the medical community.
Previous studies carried out by Dr Jas Singh and Dr Q Dong at Sydney University showed that mice fed with a 10% solution of the punch (a phytochemical cocktail) for two weeks were observed to have tumours that were 25% smaller than those fed with tap water. In fact, just after 72 hours of increasing concentrations of Blueberry Punch, prostate cancer cells showed a “dose dependent reduction in size and viability when compared to untreated cells.
Scott commented: “The really important thing about prostate cancer is to contain it in the prostate and prevent it from metastizing. That’s why this research is so exciting and why, when it was presented as a paper at the American Association for Cancer Research last year, it was chosen as one of the three most noteworthy abstracts presented at the conference out of a total of over 300.”

Dr Purple Blueberry Punch ingredients

Blueberry Punch does not contain:

  • Gluten

Dr Purple Blueberry Punch warnings

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