Dextro Energy Orange (24 x 47g)

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Dextro Energy Tablets Orange vitamin C contain 14 small dextrose tablets and weigh 47 g. They are handy and tasty companions. They also provide an extra supply of vitamins. Orange and vitamin C strengthens the body’s immune system with a fresh flavour of orange. They contain approx. 94% of the recommended daily dosage of 60mg of Vitamin C.


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Dextro Energy 
(24 x 47g)
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Dextro Energy Orange overview

Who needs them?


Full concentration for the exam, wide awake in the seminar at two o’clock in the afternoon: in school and at university, good performance is more important than ever. Pupils and students must remain alert to study, and for exams, often for hours at a time. Dextro Energy delivers instant energy for these situations requiring academic performance. This way an equation with two unknowns can be solved with no trouble at all, and the important exam has practically already been passed.

Working professionals

Even in professional life, concentration and performance are all the more in demand: for intensive work at computers, in meetings and conferences or within the context of speeches and presentations. In all these situations, Dextro Energy quickly provides renewed energy. This way you can restore your own ability to concentrate, even if yet another project must be completed by tonight’s deadline.

Automobile drivers

No matter whether you’re on the motorway, in city traffic or on a holiday trip – the volume of traffic on our roads continues to increase and demands the highest level of concentration from automobile drivers. It is therefore recommended to have Dextro Energy with you, particularly for longer drives. Dextrose is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and quickly provides renewed concentration. In this way, you can always be concentrated and able to react when you’re in the driver’s seat.


Cycling is a very healthy sport demanding a great deal of stamina. With such strenuous efforts over long periods of time, it is only natural that you have a low every once in a while. It's exactly here that the instant energy of dextrose takes effect: it supplies that extra bit of energy reliably and naturally so you are back to your best in no time at all.


Diabetics must correctly recognize signs of low blood sugar in advance and treat them immediately. Dextro Energy products have become indispensable as a “friend in need” in these situations. Four tablets now correspond to exactly one carbohydrate count.

Dextro Energy Orange warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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