D-Mannose D-mannose (urinary Tract Health) (30s)

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ATURE SUPPLIES D-MANN0SE is a naturally occurring simple sugar supplement which many people use instead of antibiotics

D-Mannose sugar is not an antibiotic or medicine; yet can help eliminate e-coli bacteria present in the urinary tract

Dmannose is a natural sugar supplement which many people choose for its efficacy in evacuating the e-coli bug which does not belong in our urinary tract system yet is the cause of up to 90% of bladder urinary tract and cystitis infections


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D-mannose (urinary Tract Health) 
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D-Mannose D-mannose (urinary Tract Health) overview

D-mannose Supplement sugars help to support and promote a healthy bladder and urinary tract system.

The way d-mannose works is distinctive in its own simplicity; it does not kill any of our bodys cells or disrupt our natural micro flora.

A sugar that attracts e-coli

E-coli sometimes enter our urinary tract system and then proceed to multiply and coat the bladder wall.

D-mannose is processed and eliminated by our bodies very quickly.

It travels through our digestive system and arrives into our bladder via the kidneys.
The e-coli previously attached to the bladder wall and e-coli currently multiplying in the bladder interact with the d-mannose often forming an even better bond with the d-mannose than they do with the bladder wall and become mobile.

They can then simply be washed away during urination.

D-mannose is a pure, natural stereo isomer of glucose, which supplements the naturally occurring mannose produced by our bodies but which for many of us is not enough

It is a simple sugar supplement which many people worldwide use everyday to help against uti's. 

How does nature supplies d-mannose work?

E-coli are the cause of up to 90% of all bladder, cystitis and UTI infections.
The traditional method of dealing with a UTI is to prescribe an anti-biotic to kill the e-coli present/multiplying in the urinary tract system

Whilst e-coli has its place in the intestinal tract; it does not belong in our UTS.
Once there it can cause undue harm giving rise to serious irritation and infection, whether it may be cystitis/bladder or UTI

As previously mentioned the traditional method is to treat with a course of antibiotics.
However many research studies now indicate that frequent use of antibiotics can produce  antibiotic resistant bacteria, so in spite of their clear importance in combating infection, over use could seriously affect your body’s inherent healing potential, which in turn will compromise long term health.

Pure, Simple, Sugar and all natural

Nature supplies d-mannose has no known side effects, or drug interactions and is used by adult’s children and even pets as a food supplement

It is 100% natural and many people take d-mannose frequently over long periods of time.

Using D-Mannose Sugar to help remove E-Coli

The amount necessary to effectively interact with the e-coli bacteria varies in relation to both concentration of e-coli in the urinary tract system and our body weight
For example; when an adult takes 1 teaspoon of d-mannose sugar supplement, a young child would only require half this amount
As with someone currently in the throes of a severe bladder infection caused by e-coli to somebody who wishes to eliminate those first tell tale signs. It is the speed at which d-mannose is excreted into the urine that suggests that it is safe for diabetics and is otherwise recommended for such. However I would suggest that any one with diabetes should still record their blood sugar levels at frequent intervals when using d-mannose.

We will only supply 100% pure natural d-mannose, of a very high specification.

It is important to give your body the best possible chance to fight infection, therefore we do not believe in offering a synthetic alternative which may lead to irritation. Many users report almost immediate relief of symptoms within hours of using d-mannose food supplements to promote bladder health

Suggestions for use; Nature supplies d-mannose

Because d-mannose has a non offensive slightly sweet taste, it can be dissolved in tea, water, juice or milk. Do not take with acidic drinks such as cranberry or orange. An important thing to realise is that you want to obtain a high enough concentration of d-mannose in the bladder for it to work; the easiest way to do this is to dissolve in 6oz of liquid and then try to refrain from using the toilette too soon afterward (up to 1hr if you can manage that).Recommended use relies directly with the individual and their specific needs, weather you require immediate support or wish to maintain your current bladder health between one and eight teaspoons a day is generally recommended,

As a frequent user of d-mannose I found that as long as I took a rather large teaspoonful immediately followed by another teaspoon every 2/4hrs I would feel an immediate relief, generally within the first 12hrs certainly within 24hrs. I would suggest that no more than 7/8 teaspoons a day should be necessary. If you feel no relief at all during the first 48hrs I would recommend you continue with d-mannose but also seek advice from your doctor. Remember e-coli only accounts for 90% of infections. After the first 48hrs of using d-mannose, gradually reduce the amount taken to 1 teaspoon every 4/6 hrs, until finishing a whole 50g package.

Because I am very susceptible to urine infections I also maintain my dose to one spoon when I wake up and one spoon before bed. If you are also a frequent sufferer or have recently had a severe infection I would suggest that you too should maintain, even once a day for a few weeks.

 If you suffer from bladder/cystitis or urinary tract infectionsplease take a few minutes to read my story.

What makes nature supplies d-mannose special?

I am a 39yr old business man with a young active family, After spending the past 20 years in a wheelchair I understand as much as anybody the pain frustration and out right inconvenience  that a severe urinary tract infection can play in a persons life.

It was after a particularly bad year of what felt like back to back infections that I knew I had to try to find an alternative to anti biotic treatment .As you may well know apart from the unwanted side effects, which for me often included sickness, an upset stomach and headaches, there was  always the added concern that eventually my body would become resistant  to certain types of  antibiotic as it ravaged through my body killing not only the bad bacteria which are  targeted, but also destroying a worrying amount of good bacteria too.

I had in the past tried a multitude of alternative suggestions, I drank so much water that I could actually hear it swishing in my stomach when I went to bed at night, which was however a better alternative to the effects that excess amounts of cranberry juice had on my bowel. It was with a sad heart that I even gave up eating spicy food and enjoying the occasional pint in my fight against urinary tract infections.

After these and many, many more alternatives it was time for serious research. I have now been a long term user of d-mannose food supplements for a number of years. I use it to help support my urinary tract health on a daily basis taking one level teaspoon at night and then again each morning.

Compared to many other users this may seem a large amount to maintain but it is what works for me and know I can safely increase the dose at the first sign of bladder discomfort. Because nature supplies d-mannose is a pure natural sugar I know there are no adverse side effects to long term use, in fact research indicates that long term use will only increase the support my bladder is getting and therefore promote better urinary tract health. The road was never always this smooth though. Now I know I have a product that is safe, natural and 100% pure the next natural progression for me was to not only share this news, but to also make nature supplies d-mannose into a family business concern. Please read our business ethics to find out why we feel we are unique in the sale of a product we sourced entirely for its purity. If I was ever to be asked what is the one thing I felt I could never do without, it would be nature supplies d-mannose. It has changed my life to such a great extent. Our company nature supplies d-mannose distributes our product to UTI/ bladder infection and cystitis sufferers around the world as a sugar supplement promoting bladder health.

We often receive new customers, due to recommendations through their own doctors or other health care professionals or individuals looking to improve bladder health with diet alternatives to medicines and anti-biotics

I am often asked how I could identify the onset of my UTI. These symptoms although common may vary and are not meant to be used as a means of self diagnosis.
The onset of every urine infection would start the same for me. I would detect a foul smell in my urine, this was often followed by the urine becoming cloudy and I would then suffer from pain during urination, if I could not get on top of it immediately it would often proceed to back pain in my kidneys, and blood in my urine. On two separate occasions the UTI became so bad that I was admitted to hospital. This is a position I hope to never find myself in again

D-Mannose D-mannose (urinary Tract Health) warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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