Clearspring Danival Organic Barley Miso (200g)

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A traditional savoury seasoning of the Far East.


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Danival Organic Barley Miso 
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Clearspring Danival Organic Barley Miso overview

A traditional savoury seasoning of the Far East.

Further information about Clearspring Danival Organic Barley Miso

A Traditional Food
Miso, a fermented soya food, is one of the world?s most delicious and versatile foods. What?s more, centuries of Japanese folklore and recent scientific studies have shown that miso is a concentrated source of essential nutrients and a potent medicine.

Making Traditional Miso
Although methods differ depending on the type of miso being made and the level of technology employed, the basic process dates back to preindustrial Japan.

Cooked soya beans are mixed with koji (grain or beans inoculated with Aspergillus mold), salt and water. This mixture is placed in a wooden vat to ferment. Gradually the enzymes supplied by the koji, along with microorganisms from the environment break down the complex structure of beans and grains into readily digestible amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars.

Types of Miso
Although there are a few exceptions, miso can be divided into two large groups based on colour and taste.

Sweet miso is usually light in colour (white, yellow, or beige) and high in carbohydrates. It is marketed under names such as "Sweet White Miso." Because it is high in koji (cultured rice or barley) and relatively low in salt, sweet miso naturally ferments in just two to eight weeks, depending on the exact recipe and temperature used during the aging process. These misos developed and became popular around Kyoto and Japan?s southern regions.

Miso with a higher salt content, lower koji content, and proportionately more soybeans is darker in colour and saltier in taste than sweet miso. It must be fermented for a longer period of time, usually at least one summer, but as long as two to three years in extremely cold climates.

This type of miso is marketed under such names as "Brown Rice (Genmai) Miso" and "Barley (Mugi) Miso." Soybean misos such as "Hatcho" are also varieties of dark, long- aged miso, however, in this case the koji is made from soybeans rather than grains. Dark, long-aged misos are more popular in Japan?s central and northern regions.

Each type of miso has its own use in both health maintenance and cooking. In terms of health or food value, light, sweet miso is higher in simple sugars and contains about twice the niacin and ten times the lactic acid bacteria of dark, saltier miso. Dark miso is higher in protein and because of its larger proportion of soybeans, it contains more fatty acids, which have been shown effective as anti-carcinogenic agents.

Clearspring Danival Organic Barley Miso ingredients

Organic soya beans, organic whole rice (39.8%), unrefined Atlantic sea salt, water

How to use Clearspring Danival Organic Barley Miso

Add to soups, stews, sauces and spreads to enrich flavour.

Clearspring Danival Organic Barley Miso warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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