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Brazil Nuts, almonds, hazel nuts, pecan nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts

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Bounce Almond Protein Ball (40x49g) £71.60
Bounce Cashew & Pecan Balls (1tub) £1.79
Bounce Cashew pecan Ball (40x42g) £71.60
Confectionery DAMIANO ORG RAW HAZELNUTS 100G (100g) £2.79
Dorset DORSET ROAST HAZELNUTS & RAISINS 700G ^ (700g) £4.45
Doves DOVES 100% W/MEAL FINE PLAIN 1KG X 5 (5 x 1 kilo) £6.95
Food Doctor FOOD DOCTOR RAW SEEDS&NUTS 4 X 210G (4 X 210G) £13.96
Bounce Fudgie Walnut Ball (40x42g) £71.60
Confectionery L/GARTEN TAMARI ROASTED ALMONDS 10X55G (10X55G) £17.90
Dorset MR/F DORSET ROASTED NUTS & SEEDS 12X75G (12X75G) £21.48
Snacks MR/F IMPEC S SALT HERB P/NUTS 24X40G (4X40G) £23.76
Snacks MR/F IMPECABLE SW/CHILLI P/NUTS 24X40G (4X40G) £23.76
Snacks MR/F POMODORO PEANUTS 12 X 75G (12 X 75G) £16.68
Snacks MR/F SWEET CHIPOTIE MIX NUTS 12 X 75G (12 X 75G) £21.48
Snacks MR/F ZANZIBAR MIXED NUTS & SEEDS 12X75G (12X75G) £21.48
Meridian Peanut Butter Crunchy (1 kilo) £5.49
Meridian Peanut Butter Smooth (1 kilo) £5.49
Meridian Peanut Butter Smooth Nas (1 kilo) £5.49
Big Apple PECAN HALVES 3KG (1) £69.95
Snacks REDWOOD FT BRAZIL NUT FLAP JACK(20X65G) (20X65G) £17.80
Drinks VIVANI OG DRK CHOC WTH HZL/NUTS 10X100G (10X100G) £19.50
Drinks VIVANI OG MLK CHOC WTH HZL/NUTS 10X100G (10X100G) £19.50
Displaying 1 - 23 of 11 matches
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