Canderel Green Stevia Granular (75g)

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An all natural sweetejer made from the Stevia plant, which has been used for hundreds of years by South American Indians. Made up of Steviol Glycosides the sweetest part of the Stevia leaf, its over 200 times sweeter thyan sugar and naturally contains no calories.


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Canderel Green 
Stevia Granular 
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Canderel Green Stevia Granular overview

Stevia enjoys the distinction of being the sweetest plant on earth. In fact, raw stevia leaves are reportedly about 15 times more potent than table sugar, while stevia extracts have been found to be up to 300 times sweeter than the sucrose in table sugar. What's more, it sweetens without the side effects associated with sugar and commercial sugar substitutes such as Splenda, Canderel and NutraSweet. Stevia is an herb that is increasingly popular for use as a safe, healthy, alternative for table sugar and its substitutes.

Profile of Stevia
Latin Name Stevia Rebaudiana
Common Names Candy leaf, sugarleaf, Sweet herb, Sweet Herb Of Paraguay, Honeyleaf, kaa jheé Sugar Plant Of South America,
Family Stevia is a member of the fairly large Asteraceae family, which boasts other well-known family members such as the sunflower, dandelion, marigold and chicory.
Habitat Stevia is native to the northern regions of South America, where it grows wild. As the unique properties of the herb have gained renown, its cultivation has spread across the continents to Asia, Europe, Israel, North America and other regions of South America.
Description It is a small, perennial herb that typically grows to heights of up to two yards high. Its bears little white flowers and serrated green leaves.
Plant Parts Used The leaves of this herb are cultivated and harvested for use as a sweetener as well as for its medicinal properties.

How to use Canderel Green Stevia Granular

Please read label for instructions.

Please read label for instructions.

Canderel Green Stevia Granular warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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