Bragg Medicinal Charcoal 300mg Tablets (50 tabs)

BIN number: 2575

Traditionally used to adsorb gases in the digestive system, thus relieving the discomfort caused by indigestion, wind and heartburn.

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Medicinal Charcoal 300mg Tablets 
(50 tabs)
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Bragg Medicinal Charcoal 300mg Tablets overview

Traditionally used to adsorb gases in the digestive system, thus relieving the discomfort caused by indigestion, wind and heartburn.

Further information about Bragg Medicinal Charcoal 300mg Tablets

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q What is the difference between Charcoal Biscuits and Charcoal Tablets?

A Charcoal Biscuits and Tablets are simply different ways of taking the Medicinal Charcoal which is common to both. The tablets are easier to take, but the biscuits have a nice taste of their own. Both products have different ingredients in their formulas but these do not interfere with the medicinal benefits of the Medicinal Charcoal, and are only there to make the Tablet or Biscuit more palatable. However if you are changing from Charcoal Biscuits to Charcoal Tablets, you should be aware that because of the difference in weight and size of the two products, that One Charcoal Biscuit contains the same amount of Activated Charcoal as four Charcoal Tablets. Charcoal Tablets also have a longer shelf life than the Biscuits. Both products are suitable for vegetarians.

One of the benefits of taking Medicinal Charcoal as opposed to other products on the market is that because it is not a drug, it had no direct action on any organ of the body, it does not enter the blood stream nor is the Charcoal itself adsorbed into your body. All of it passes out of your system along with the toxins and gases it has collected on its journey. If you are already on medication it would be wise to consult your doctor or pharmacist as the Medicinal Charcoal may adsorb other medicines and lessen their effect.

Q Where can I buy the Biscuits or Tablets?

A Braggs Charcoal Biscuits come in 150 gm packets and are sold in Holland and Barrett and other health food shops, as well as most chemists.

The Tablets are sold in 50's, 100's and 250 tablet drums. They are sold throughout the country in chemist shops, though you may have to ask for them by name and order them if you want the 250 tablet size drum. Many Chemists including Boots the Chemist only stock drums of 100 Charcoal Tablets.

If you are unable to find a shop that stocks our products, please contact us, telling us which town is the most convenient place for you to buy them, and we will try to persuade a local shop to stock them for you.

We are unable to sell them directly to you as we only sell through the Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, however as more Companies sell over the Internet we will post details on this site as they become available.

Q What is the best way to take them?

A Charcoal Biscuits or Tablets are most effective if taken shortly after a meal or when the problem arises. They can be swallowed, chewed, taken with liquid or other food; the important thing is that the Charcoal reaches the stomach where it can adsorb the toxins and gases that have built up within the digestion system and in the course of time pass them naturally and easily out of the system.

Q My stools have turned black, is this normal?

A A Yes, there is nothing to worry about, it is a sure sign that the Charcoal has passed through your digestive system.

Q May I take them with other medicines or Paracetamol?

A The Charcoal may adsorb or lessen the effect of the medicine. We suggest that you consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are on medication.

Q May I take them while pregnant or nursing a baby?

A Yes, they may be taken during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Q Why do Charcoal Tablet drums often contain a residue of black "dust"?

A To do their job effectively, the Charcoal Tablets cannot be coated as most tablets are, therefore as the tablets rub against each other in the drum, a little surface dust is rubbed off. These tablets have to be able to dissolve in the stomach within 15 minutes, and so are rather soft by nature.

Bragg Medicinal Charcoal 300mg Tablets ingredients

Active ingredient: activated charcoal powder BPC1934 at 300mg per tablet. (the charcoal is from a vegetable source )

Other ingredients: icing sugar, starch, gum tragacanth, magnesium stearate. (all ingredients are from vegetable sources

How to use Bragg Medicinal Charcoal 300mg Tablets

adults, including elderly and children over 12 years: 2-4 tablets after meals, 3 times a day.

Children under 12 years: not recommended.

Chew or swallow with liquid.

Bragg Medicinal Charcoal 300mg Tablets warnings

Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. If on medication or if you have any unusual reaction, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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