Bounty of Nature Bee Pollen (200G)

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Harvested from unpolluted forests in the cool highlands of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Bee Pollen can be enjoyed as a drink with warm water or add into breakfast cereal, yoghurt, rice or porridge for a healthy meal.


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Bounty of Nature 
Bee Pollen 
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Bounty of Nature Bee Pollen (200G) £14.49

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Bounty of Nature Bee Pollen overview

Bee Pollen offers the most comprehensive range of essential nutrients plus Vitamins B-complex A,C,D and E as well as folic acid to provide us with increased stamina and endurance while shoring up out mental clarity.

Further information about Bounty of Nature Bee Pollen

  • Promotes healthy skin and fights premature ageing - repairs cells and stimulates.
  • Increases vitality - contains Vitamin B-complex for physical endurance and mental alertness.
  • Promotes healing - helps to stimulate insulin production, balance blood sugar level and maintain overall well-being.
  • Promotes prostate health - fights inflammation and discomfort.
  • Weight management - contains lecithin which flushes fat out of the body and stimulates metabolism to burn excess calories.
  • Promotes digestive health - increases good intestinal flora.
  • Slow down ageing process
  • Boosts immune system - detoxify your body and enhances your disease-fighting response.

Bounty of Nature Bee Pollen ingredients

100% Bee Pollen. Free from any artificial flavouring, colouring and preservative.

Nutrition per 100g serving:

Energy: 381kcal

Fat: 1.2g

Carbohydrate: 63.1g

Total Sugar: 30.9g

Protein: 29.5g

Vitamin A: 3.9mg

Vitamin C: 37.4mg

How to use Bounty of Nature Bee Pollen

  • Take a teaspoonful or tablespoonful each morning;

Bee Pollen can be enjoyed as a :

  • Beverage- Drink with warm water, or mix it with other bee-based products.
  • Bread spread –Sprinkle or spread it on your bread for a healthy snack.
  • Condiment - Add into breakfast cereal, yoghurt, rice or porridge for a healthy meal.

Bounty of Nature Bee Pollen warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

This product contains bee pollen and may cause allergic reactions including fatal anaphylactic reactions in susceptible individuals. (no other information) and allergy sufferers may be at greater risk.

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