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Further information about Bonsal Bonsal

Bonsal is a special fibre extract, which comes exclusively from shellfish. Use Bonsal to support your fat and calorie reduced diet. It is claimed that Bonsal bonds dietry fat in the digestive system and forms larger compounds which are less likely to be absorbed by the body. Suitable for those on a fat and calorie controlled diet.

Slimming Capsules that soak up fat
Have you ever seen a fat fish? Have you ever wondered why sea animals never get fat? Or even, for that matter, have you ever seen any wild animal that has put on surplus fat? Why is it that obesity is confined only to humans?

A Dr. Carl Mayer of the University of Zurch, Switzerland, who had dedicated the past fifteen years to research into the answers to the questions I have asked in the first paragraph, has now come up with an answer.

He has produced a high-powered diet pill which does not have adverse side-effects, but which will satisfy the millions of men and women who suffer from an excess of fat in their body.

The pill is called Bonsal, and contains the ingredient that is said to be found in sea animals.

Bonsal functions like a sponge. Its active substance is released from the capsule during digestion and attach themselves to body fat. These complex fat molecules cannot be digested and leave your body easily.

A test for the efficacy of Bonsal is that if you add fat to a glass of water it will dissipate evenly. But when you sprinkle the contents of a Bonsal capsule into the water, the fat is soaked up, binds in seconds and rises to the surface.

Bonsal reduces body fat deposits in the belly, thighs, buttocks, and makes sure that the fat from your last meal leaves your body before being digested.

It does not pose any health risks, because the molecules dissolve fatty tissue by purely mechanical means instead of by a chemical method. Since it is an entirely natural product, Bonsal causes no side effects, no chemical alteration of the body?s metabolism, no dangerous dehydration or depression.

Instead it stimulates the digestive system by rapidly eliminating the binded fat molecules and that is precisely what those who try to slim have been looking for.

A course of treatment for reducing excess fat from your body is a four week program, where you take one capsule before each meal, or two capsules if you think you are very overweight.

And, there is good news for heavy eaters. You can eat all you want and still lose weight, because the fat in your meal is stopped before being absorbed into the body.

A forty one year old sales assistant, Mary Miller, has this to say: "This new fat-fighter has totally changed my life. I am petite (5 feet) and although I was not very overweight (11 stone 1lb) I am now 8 stone 7 lb. I have been taking Bonsal capsules three times daily for the last four weeks and intend to stick to it. People tell me that I look younger and I think I have a lot more self-confidence ever since I regained my teenage figure. I feel great and had no complications, no heart palpitations or side effects which are typical of strong diet pills."

Bonsal Bonsal ingredients

Bonsal consists of a special shellfish fiber extract. Its active substance binds to the fat during digestion and reduces body fat deposits in the belly, thighs and buttocks. It also makes sure that the fat from your last meal leaves your body before being digested. Bonsal poses no side effects. It works by purely mechanical means instead of by a chemical method. HOW DO I TAKE BONSAL? Take 2 capsules before each meal with a galss of water. A 4 week program is recommended. (Do not take Bonsal if you are allergic to marine foods such as fish).

Bonsal Bonsal warnings

Do not take Bonsal if you are allergic to marine foods such as fish

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