Biosun Aroma Essence WellMotion (pair)

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Biosun Earcandles Wellmotion, type no. 4, Eucalyptus and Pine Needle - strong and penetrating for exhilaration and enhanced awareness.
Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) is energetically stimulating and balancing. It cools the body in the summer, and heals and protects in the winter. Traditionally used for infections of the respiratory tract, this oil is great for relieving sinus congestion of a Cold and Damp nature. The Eucalyptus essential oil in Biosun Hopi Essential Oil Earcandles works on balancing the male Yang energies within the body.


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Aroma Essence WellMotion 
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Biosun Aroma Essence WellMotion overview

Pine Needle (Pinus sylvestris) used by ancient cultures for its unique healing powers and life-enhancing resin, this essential oil relieves mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion. Refreshing, stimulating and cleansing, Pine can purify, uplift, ease aches and pains and relieve colds and flu. The Pine Needle essential oil in Biosun Hopi Essential Oil Earcandles works on balancing the female Yin energies within the body.
One of the best Earcandles for relief from colds, flu and runny sinuses, this pack of Biosun Essential Oil Hopi Earcandles contains 5 x pairs of type 4. Eucalyptus and Pine Needle Essential Oil Earcandles.

Biosun Aroma Essence WellMotion warnings

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