Biocalth Biocalth Tablets 90s (90tabs)

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BioCalth is different!
BioCalth is a new and very effective source of calcium. It contains L-Threonate which directs calcium through the intestines and deposits the calcium more effectively to the bones where it is needed. Here it stimulates the cells, forming bones and promoting flexibility. It boosts absorption rates to 95% and rebuilds actual bones itself rather than just the surface.
BioCalth is a patented and clinically proven formula. It is supported by a number of clinical studies, which confirm the advantages of supplementing with calcium L-Threonate compared with other forms of calcium.

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Biocalth Tablets 90s 
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Biocalth Biocalth Tablets 90s overview

Key Benefits:
Enhances bone and cartilage cell functions
Assists collagen & bone formulation
Helps to maintain joint function & mobility
Unique formulation & delivery route of calcium through the actions of L-threonate
BioCalth is the only brand utilizing Calcium L-threonate, a patented new calcium source targeting the silent disease of osteoporosis.
L-threonate is a bioactive metabolite of vitamin C and has a specific influence in bone metabolism, transporting calcium into the blood via the intestine and deposits calcium into the bone directly.
BioCalth provides improved protection for joint / cartilage structures and noticeably relieves pain, cramps and other associated symptoms.

Biocalth Biocalth Tablets 90s warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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