BioBran BioBran Plus (90tabs)

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BioBran Plus is a compound version of Diawa's patented arabinoxylan compound derived from predigested rice bran which has been enriched with brewer's yeast. Research has shown that this combination has a strong modulating effect on the immune system helping maintain both optimum immunity and working to reduce the risk of immune-related diseases. This Japanese health supplement is perfect for good health maintenance has no side effects and is suitable for vegetarians and people of all ages.


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BioBran Plus 
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BioBran BioBran Plus overview

BioBran Plus is an excellent immune modulator working preventive for life-style related diseases. This product has no side effects and is suitable for vegetarians.
Brewer?s Yeast, rich in beta-glucans, several nutrients including B vitamins, amino acids, and such trace minerals as chromium and selenium, helps to strengthen BioBran?s effect.
This yeast is a popular ingredient of our diet, being used in beer brewery. It is heat-treated and is made inactive.
BioBran(Arabinoxylan compound)50 mg
Heat treated inactive Brewer?s Yeast112 mg
Dextrin (stabiliser)50 mg
Microcrystalline Cellulose (bulking agent)50 mg
Sucrose Fatty Acids Easter (emulsifier)7,5 mg
Cocoa powder (colour)10,5 mg
Shellac coating13 mg
Directions for use:
As a daily food supplement, 6 tablets of BioBran Plus can be taken once per day after a meal.
If extra nutritional boost is required, 6 tablets of BioBran Plus can be taken 3 times daily after meals.
BioBran partially enters the blood undigested. Proteins are digested in the stomach and in the duodenum, to be converted into peptides and amino acids, which are then absorbed in the small intestine, entering the blood to become nutritional elements. Dextrin is also digested into oligosaccharides and dextrose ( glucose) and absorbed in the small intestine. BioBran is absorbed in the small intestine in undigested form and enters the blood to stimulate NK cells and macrophages. Passing through the large intestine, dietary fiber in contrast is excreted without being digested or absorbed.

BioBran BioBran Plus warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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