Better You StressAway (60caps)

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BetterYou StressAway is a combination of only naturally sourced ingredients. The combination supports the body's ability to maintain oxygen supply to all major organs.


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Better You StressAway overview

The fact that we use only ingredients that have come from a food source means that the body absorbs them far more quickly than man-made nutrients as they are in a form our bodies would normally expect to find them. This unique formula helps a body and mind in difficult times.

  • Helps the body's natural balance
  • Helps to maintain mental focus

BetterYou™ StressAway allows you to take control, naturally. 60 easy to swallow vegetarian capsules.

Daily supplement 100% food sourced ingredients.

Better You StressAway ingredients

  • Magnesium - Nature’s relaxant. Adequate magnesium helps the body ensure calcium is effectively absorbed, a key to the maintanance of normalised function.
  • ingredient 2
    Siberian Ginseng - Helps the body's natural ability to mainatin balance and energy. 
  • ingredients 3
    Ginkgo Biloba - The world's oldest living plant and most researched herb. It helps to maintain natural blood flow and so oxygen supply to all major organs including the brain (which uses 20% of our oxygen supply).
  • ingredient 4
    Rhodiola Rosea Root – A wonderful heb which, amongst many other things, helps to maintain mental performance.
  • ingredient 5
    Hops - A long-standing ingredient used for hundreds of years to promote relaxation. Works exceptionally well with other herbs.
  • ingredient 6
    Cayenne Pepper – The strongest member of the capsicum family and helps to enhance digestion and maintain circulation. It's ability to heat up the digestive system ensures better uptake of nutrients.
  • ingredient 7
    Ashwagandha – Another one of nature's adaptogens and used within many calming formulations.
  • Nutritional information                    RDA
    Magnesium                 300mg     100%
    Siberian Ginseng        3500mg     -
    (100mg of 35:1 extract)
    Ginkgo Biloba            5000mg     -
    (100mg of 50:1 extract)
    Rhodiola Rosea Root   100mg      -
    Hops                         100mg      -
    Ashwagandha               40mg      -
    Cayenne Pepper           40mg      -
    Per two capsule dose

    Gluten free. Wheat free. Lactose free. No added sugar, colours, yeast or preservatives. Never tested on animals. Suitable for those on a vegetarian, vegan, coeliac and diabetic diet. No artificial stimulants or chemicals used within this or any BetterYou formulation.

How to use Better You StressAway

  • Take two capsules daily with water. Can be taken on an empty stomach due to its food-sourced ingredients. Ideally take mid-morning when the body is at its most nutritionally receptive.

    StressAway has been designed to be taken as a daily supplement and, as the ingredients are food-sourced, it is advised to be taken every day for optimum effectiveness. To ensure optimum potency keep jar in a cool place out of direct sunlight and away from children. If pregnant or on kidney medication please consult you medical practitioner before taking.

Better You StressAway warnings

Keep out of reach of children

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