Better You Menergy (60caps)

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A potent blend of nature’s finest energy givers designed specifically for men in today’s modern hectic world. BetterYou Menergy provides an invigorating blend of Peruvian Maca, Brazilian, Panax and Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba.


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Better You Menergy overview

Formulated by the UK's most innovative nutritionists to help provide your body with nature's most absorbable and potent botanical and food sourced nutrients. Created specifically for the male body in today's hectic world.

Fatigue and general tiredness
Menergy combines natural and highly absorbable ingredientsto help to maintain the body’s natural balance during times of temporary tiredness and enhance sexual alertness. Gentle at first the effects build over time to produce a body better able to maintain and release energy.

Concentration and mental clarity
The combination of Brazillian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba help to maintain the body’s uptake of oxygen within the blood and feed the major organs including the brain.

Stamina & Energy
A natural and effective formulation which includes chromium, a shortage of which may also lead to remature fatigue.

Naturally caffeine and sugar-free. Suitable for those on vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and coeliac diets. BetterYou is against animal testing.

  • A potent blend of nature’s finest energy givers designed specifically for men in today’s modern hectic world. An invigorating blend of Peruvian Maca, Brazilian, Panax and Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba, formulated to help nourish and maintain stamina, focus and concentration.

    We would all like a little more energy to get through the day and maintain a balanced state of mind and mood. The aim is to be able to handle the stress and strain that life inevitably throws at us with energy and a positive mental attitude. BetterYou™ Menergy has been formulated with modern male lifestyles in mind, combining the finest botanicals and natural nutrients providing daily health support along with a potent solution to short-term tiredness.

    Promotes greater oxygen uptake and improves stamina and mental clarity
    Maintains bloodflow to all major organs
    Importantly caffeine and sugar free

    BetterYou™ Menergy has been designed to maintain sustainable natural energy and clarity of thought To be taken on a daily basis. Its effect develops over time allowing you to better tackle all that modern life can throw at you.

Better You Menergy ingredients

  • Peruvian Maca is a legendary power food. Containing over 70% simple and complex carbohydrates it also provides glocosinolates, protein, vitamins and minerals. Importantly it contains an ideal calcium/magnesium balance and is the highest cultivated plant in the world used to maintain energy, stamina and sexual alertness.
  • Ingredients 2
    Panax and Siberian Ginseng help the body naturally combat fatigue. Work very well as a combination extract.
  • Ingredients 3
    Clinical evidence for Gingko Biloba as a ‘brain tonic’ is plentiful, working by helping to increase blood flow throughout the body’s network of blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the organ systems. It increases metabolism efficiency and can remove tension and elevate mood. Gingko is used to treat symptoms that include difficulties of concentration and memory, anxiety, dizziness and headaches.
  • Ingredient 4
    Suma (also known as Brazilian Ginseng) is bursting with active compounds containing 19 different amino acids, electrolytes and trace mineral including iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, cobalt, silica, zinc, selenium and vitamins A, B1, B2, E and K.
  • Ingredient 5
    The Cayenne Pepper and Chromium helps with nutrient absorption and enhances mood improvement with an overall feeling of warmth and wellbeing.
  • Ingredient 6
    Finally Grape Seed extract provide further oxygenating qualities.
  • Nutritional information
    Peruvian Maca                750mg (150mg of 5:1 extract)
    Ginkgo Biloba               2,500mg (50mg of 50:1 extract)
    Panax Gingseng             500mg (50mg of 10:1 extract)
    Siberian Ginseng          1,750mg (50mg of 35:1 extract)
    Cayenne Pepper               50mg
    Brazilian Ginseng (Suma) 200mg
    Grape Seed extract          500mg (10mg of 50:1 extact)
    Chromium                     0.21mg
    Amounts are per single capsule.

    Contains no gluten, no wheat, no lactose, no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavourings, no yeast or added sugar. Suitable for those on Vegetarian, Vegan, Diabetic and Coeliac diets.

How to use Better You Menergy

  • Take two capsules with water daily. Can be taken on an empty stomach due to its combination of whole food-sourced ingredients. Try to take mid morning when your body is at its most nutritionally receptive.

    Take further tablets as and when tiredness strikes. You may find that your energy begins to 'flag' late afternoon or early evening. BetterYou Menergy is safe to take at any time of the day.

    Although the formulation is 100% food-sourced and no contra-indications have ever been recorded, we advise that you do not exceed six tablets in any 24 hour period.

Better You Menergy warnings

Keep out of reach of children

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