Better You Magnesium Oil Joint Spray (100ml)

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BetterYouTM Zechstein Inside® Magnesium Oil Joint spray - 100ml providing 800 measured sprays. A natural topical joint and muscle spray containing magnesium, glucosamine, menthol and wintergreen oil. 


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Better You 
Magnesium Oil Joint Spray 
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Better You Magnesium Oil Joint Spray (100ml) £12.20

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Better You Magnesium Oil Joint Spray overview

Easy to apply and wonderful to use. Simply spray directly onto the skin and massage in. Concentrate on muscle and joint areas. Magnesium Oil is best applied little but often, using a few sprays at a time on specific areas. If using during athletic training ensure it is applied before, during and after exertion to optimise magnesium supply.

Praise for BetterYouTM Magnesium Oil:

"Training for the World Cup has been intense and demanding. Magnesium Oil has become essential to enhance performance"
Rory Fallon, Ipswich and New Zealand World, Cup 2010

"Magnesium Oil, the Lynx effect!"
Cycling Weekly.

BetterYou's Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride is mined from one mile underground from a source over 250 million years old. Naturally purified and condensed this source has been protected from man-made pollutants delivering the most naturally pure magnesium chloride known.

Magnesium is necessary to help the body better absorb calcium. BetterYouTM Magnesium Oil has been proven to be one of the fastest ways of absorbing magnesium, and much more reliable than tablets or capsules (Josling & Watkins, EJNR April 2010).

  • Every spray delivers magnesium, glucosamine, wintergreen and menthol, with 800 measured sprays in each 100ml bottle. Apply straight to muscles and joints and massage into the skin for optimum effect. Magnesium Oil has been proved to be absorbed into the body faster this way than through tablets or capsules.

    Can be applied anywhere on the body and absorbed immediately. You wont believe it until you try it for yourself!

Better You Magnesium Oil Joint Spray ingredients

  • Ingredients:
    A concentrated source of ancient Zechstein seabed mineral salts delivers magnesium directly into the skin tissue, entering the cells immediately. Over 250 million years old and mined one mile below ground, this unique source is the most soluble and pure known, completely protected from man-made pollutants.

    Please not that our glucosamine sulphate is extracted from shellfish so it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

    Water, Magnesium Chloride (15% concentration). Glucosamine Sulphate, Menthol Oil, Wintergreen Oil. Each spray delivers 10mg of optimally absorbable elemental magnesium. 10 sprays deliver 30% of your RDA. Each bottle contains up to 800 individual sprays (6-8 weeks).

Magnesium Oil Joint Spray does not contain:

  • Gluten

How to use Better You Magnesium Oil Joint Spray

Spray 2-3 sprays directly to joint or muscle area and massage in. Apply to wet or dry skin. If applied during exercise concentrate on muscle areas to aid stretching and warm-up process. Apply little but often for optimum effect. Can be sprayed anywhere on the body, avoiding eyes and mouth. There is no upper limit to the number of sprays used but start any new health regime gradually.

Better You Magnesium Oil Joint Spray warnings

Keep out of reach of children

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