BeeVital Propolis & Echinacea Throatspray (50ml)

Barcode: 5038644200253 Product code: 53310 BIN number: 7753

Maintains sound oral hygiene particularly during those cold and wintry months.

Sorry, BeeVital Propolis & Echinacea Throatspray (50ml) is not for sale.

Reason: Discontinued by Supplier
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Propolis & Echinacea Throatspray 
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BeeVital Propolis & Echinacea Throatspray overview

BeeVital is a project developed by the Austrian company Food & Beverage GmbH, started some 8 years ago, based on a small but active team. Our aim is to offer a new and modern approach to the challenges of nowadays apiculture by supplying products that match the latest tendencies in today’s agriculture. The new preoccupation of the whole world for food safety, animal care and health, the need to save what is left of the environment are ideas that we take into consideration in our activity. We do our best to provide the beekeeper with efficient and safe means of dealing with the present and potential threats for the bee colonies. Avoiding the use of chemicals in bee treatments and testing alternative methods for that, the support of organic beekeeping and agriculture, the concern for the environment and food safety are basic ideas in our philosophy and strategy.

BeeVital Propolis & Echinacea Throatspray warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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