Bam Bamboo Womens 4-7 As/col Socks (SOCKS 24'S)

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The reason why bamboo garments breathe is due to the way the plant''s constructed. When viewed as a cross-section, each fibre is filled with thousands of micro-openings (tiny holes), each of which acts as an insulator offering excellent moisture absorption and increased ventilation. This can be likened to the way a cellular blanket works but with the gaps in the fibres of bamboo garments are microscopic in size.


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Bam Bamboo 
Womens 4-7 As/col Socks 
(SOCKS 24'S)
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Bam Bamboo Womens 4-7 As/col Socks (SOCKS 24'S) £99.60

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Bam Bamboo Womens 4-7 As/col Socks warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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