Aspall Cider Vinegar Organic (500ml)

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Vinegar History
Vinegar is one of the oldest culinary products known to man. Hippocrates rated its medical value and prescribed it for its patients in 380BC. The word itself comes from the Old French word 'vin-aigre', meaning sour wine.


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Cider Vinegar Organic 
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Aspall Cider Vinegar Organic overview

Vinegar History
Vinegar is one of the oldest culinary products known to man. Hippocrates rated its medical value and prescribed it for its patients in 380BC. The word itself comes from the Old French word 'vin-aigre', meaning sour wine. Vinegar has had many uses down through the centuries. In particular, because of its preservation qualities, vinegar has traditionally been used for cleaning kitchen surfaces and windows.

What is Vinegar?

Fundamentally, vinegar is an alcoholic liquor that has become soured by the acid forming bacteria, very much in the same way as milk is soured by the action of lactic bacteria. Vinegar was originally made by simply leaving barrels full of ale or wine to stand in the open air to allow nature to take its course. With Pasteur, the role of bacteria was identified and with this knowledge, vinegar brewing became an industry.

Further information about Aspall Cider Vinegar Organic

Vinegar Uses
As a supplement to Healthy Living
For salad dressings
Marinade ingredient
Cleaning agent for kitchen surfaces and windows.

Victorians mixed flavoured vinegar with water as a popular refreshing summer drink.

Aspall Organic Vinegar as a Natural Accompaniment to a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you aware of what organic cyder vinegar can do for your general health and well being? It seems that in the hustle and bustle of modern life the age-old natural healing properties of cyder vinegar have been overlooked by most of us.

Just take a look at its wide range of applications below:-

xxxxxxx Organic cyder vinegar is an integral part of the natural treatment process for the relief of any form of arthritis.

Overweight Firstly to reduce your weight you must regulate your food intake and exercise but cyder vinegar can also help by acting as a powerful diuretic, draining the body of excess fluid.

Headaches A daily intake of organic cyder vinegar helps to regulate the body's acid-alkaline balance, one of the causes of headaches.

Mouth Ulcers organic cyder vinegar can be used as a mouth wash for ulcers. It is even thought to be a good cure for sore throats. To help with a tickly cough that keeps you awake at night put two or three desert spoonfuls of organic cyder vinegar in a tumbler of warm water. Mix in two or three teaspoonfuls of honey and mix, ensuring that that water is not too hot. Gargle the mixture, swallowing each time and your cough will disappear"

Hair care after shampooing your hair rinse it in water containing several tablespoonfuls of organic cyder vinegar and it will develop a deep shine.

Like all therapies both modern and complimentary, it is important, it is important to use treatments safety. The amount varies from person and person - but the normal recommended daily intake in one dessert spoonful of organic cyder vinegar in a glass of water, taken three times a day. It can take six months before the effects of taking organic cyder vinegar become noticeable. Always consult your doctors first if you have a condition that may necessitate a reduced daily intake. Not all cyder vinegars are the same! Aspall's natural process ensures the retention of flavour and aroma in its organic cyder vinegar. Free from preservatives and bottled unpasteurised it is a truly natural accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle.

Recipe Suggestion

Aspall's Baked Red Cabbage


1 whole red cabbage (sliced)
150ml Aspall's organic cyder vinegar (add to taste)
8-10 tbsp (add to taste)
Large knob of butter.


Melt a large knob of butter in an oven proof dish. Add 8 to 10 tablespoonfuls of sugar, according to taste.
Mix the sugar and the butter until it forms a thick paste. Pour in 150ml of Aspall's organic cyder vinegar, add one sliced red cabbage. Cover and bake for two to three hours at 180?C.

The baked red cabbage is at its best if left for twenty-four hours before reheated and eaten.

Aspall Cider Vinegar Organic ingredients

Cyder Vinegar

Fresh apples are pressed and the juice stored in vats to ferment with a controlled yeast. The cyder is allowed to mature for a minimum of three months. It is then passed through Aspall's unique fermentation system. Once converted into vinegar it is then allowed to mature for a further month.

The vinegar is filtered and then bottled unpasteurised, again a unique aspect of Aspall vinegar. The whole process from start to finish takes a total of four months. By allowing the vinegar to be processed in this way the unique attributes of Aspall's cyder vinegar is achieved.

Aspall Cider Vinegar Organic warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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