Arkopharma Mincifit Kitosan - Chitosan 200mg (90 caps)

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Mincifit Kitosan - Chitosan 200mg

Sorry, Arkopharma Mincifit Kitosan - Chitosan 200mg (90 caps) is not for sale.

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Suggested alterative: Arkopharma Lipo 3C (60 caps)

Mincifit Kitosan - Chitosan 200mg 
(90 caps)
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Arkopharma Mincifit Kitosan - Chitosan 200mg overview

Mincifit Kitosan - Chitosan 200mg

Further information about Arkopharma Mincifit Kitosan - Chitosan 200mg

Recent studies have shown that chitin and its derivative, chitosan, which occur in marine invertebrates, envelop fat, reduce its absorption and lower cholesterol levels. This prompted Arkopharma, leading nutrition therapy manufacturer in Europe, to develop Mincifit Kitosan ? an ideal concept for anyone whose lifestyle calls for limited fat intake and weight management.
Research has shown that chitin and chitosan bind to saturated fats and fatty acids, as well as cholesterol and expels these from the system before they are absorbed. Clinical studies showed that dietary chitin improved bowel function and regularity and promoted the growth of ?friendly? bacteria in the intestines, which are vital for health and for keeping harmful bacteria in check. Chitin also effectively binds and eliminates organic substances added to food, which can irritate the stomach, for example dyes and colourants.
In addition, chitin has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Two capsules should be taken per meal, or as required.

Arkopharma Mincifit Kitosan - Chitosan 200mg warnings

Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of sight of children.

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