Antistax antistax (50 caps)

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Helps maintain healthy leg vein circulation without the everyday tired, heavy aching feeling.


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(50 caps)
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Antistax antistax overview

Helps maintain healthy leg vein circulation without the everyday tired, heavy aching feeling.

Further information about Antistax antistax

Ever since man has been walking upright, he has had problems with his veins. The large leg veins in particular have to transport blood from the feet to the heart against the force of gravity. It is of course assisted in this difficult task by a system made up of vein valves and a muscle pump but in the age of sitting and standing, however, this venous system is increasingly failing.
It is the legs which suffer being tired, heavy, swollen and achy by evening. In order that these initial signs of venous insufficiency do not develop into a future disorder, those affected need to do something about it. ANTISTAX?, based on special red vine leaf extract, offers effective relief by alleviating your leg vein problems. The red vine leaf which is well known and acknowledged from vein research, its history and action is described on the following pages.

Please be informed that due to different regulations in European countries the status of ANTISTAX? is different. ANTISTAX? has the status of medicine e.g. in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain for improvement of leg vein circulation against achy swollen legs. In UK ANTISTAX? is a food supplement and helps to maintain leg vein health avoiding life style related aching heavy tired feelings.

Antistax antistax ingredients

Red Vine Leaf Extract, gelatin, dried glucose syrup, Anticaking agents (silicon dioxide, talc), maize startch, magnesium stearate, colours (E172, E171).

Each tablet contains 180 mg red vine leaf extract.

How to use Antistax antistax

For adults only, 2 capsules taken in the morning, with water at breakfast time.
Antistax? should be taken as part of a well balanced diet for at least 6 weeks, and may be continued thereafter.

Antistax antistax warnings

Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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