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Boost your testosterone by more than 40 percent and increase your muscle strength and endurance naturally? By Using New Non Steroidal ZMA?


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Allsports ZMA overview

Boost your testosterone by more than 40 percent and increase your muscle strength and endurance naturally? By Using New Non Steroidal ZMA?

Further information about Allsports ZMA

Special Feature

Boost your testosterone by more than 40 percent and increase your muscle strength and endurance naturally?

By Using New Non Steroidal ZMA?

Allsports are delighted to be able to bring you this ground breaking new product direct from the USA.

It's called ZMA and it's one of the most exciting new products we've seen for years.

What does it do?

ZMA has been used by dozens of world class Olympic and professional athletes and bodybuilders, including members of the Super Bowl Champions Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins football teams. In a recent double blind placebo controlled study, conducted with NCAA college football players, researchers at Western Washington University found that eight weeks of nightly supplementation with ZMA gave the following improvements:

43.7 percent higher free testosterone levels ZMA increased free testosterone levels by 33.5 percent while levels of free testosterone fell by 10.2 percent in the placebo controlled group, a difference of 43.7 percent.

42.9 percent higher total testosterone levels ZMA increased total testosterone levels by 32.4 percent while those in the placebo controlled group fell by 10.5 percent, a difference of 42.9 percent.

2.5 times increase in muscle strength ZMA increased muscle strength by 11.6 percent but only by 4.6 percent in the placebo controlled group - 2.5 times greater.

25.1 percent higher Insulin Like Growth factor (IGF-1 ZMA increased insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) levels 3.6 percent while placebo control group decreased 21.5 percent - a 25.1 percent difference.

33.5 percent higher zinc levels ZMA increased plasma zinc levels 29.1 percent while placebo group levels decreased 4.4 percent - a 33.5 percent difference.

15,4 percent higher magnesium levels ZMA increased plasma magnesium levels 6.2 percent, while placebo group levels decreased 9.2 percent a 15.4 percent difference. ZMA also increased physical endurance, mental alertness and restful sleep while decreasing muscle cramps, strains and general water retention.

What does it consist of?

ZMA consists of a unique combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 specifically designed to enhance muscle strength, endurance, healing and recovery. Zinc is an anabolic mineral required for the production of growth hormone and testosterone, which promotes tissue repair , healing and growth. In addition, zinc reduces fatigue by minimising the build up of lactic acid in muscle tissue. Magnesium aids the transport of oxygen to muscle tissue, which promotes strength,endurance and relaxation. Magnesium also activates enzymes necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids. Unfortunately, zinc and magnesium deficiencies are prevalent, especially among athletes. What is it?

ZMA is the only non steroidal, all natural dietary zinc and magnesium supplement that is clinically proven to increase strength, free testosterone levels, insulin like growth factor (IGF ? I ) and strength in training athletes. ZMA is a unique anabolic mineral support formula containing zinc l-monomethionene (L-OptiZinc? -U.S.Patents 4,764,633 ND 5,278,329, zinc/magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6.

How does it work?

ZMA was designed to optimise the absorption and availability of zinc and magnesium during peak times of muscle growth and repair. Both zinc l - monomethionine (L-OptiZinc) and zinc/magnesium aspartate are unique and highly bioavailable forms of these minerals. The zinc l- monomethionine is absorbed in the front part of the small intestine at the mineral ?receptor sites, while the zinc/magnesium aspartate is absorbed in the back of the small intestine via an active transport mechanism. In addition, the zinc/magnesium aspartate in ZMA consists of a unique covalently bound complex of zinc, magnesium and aspartic acid, which enables the magnesium and zinc to reach the blood stream at the same time so that the desired synergistic effect can be obtained. (Note: Most zinc and magnesium aspartate products are not bound together in a single complex. Many contain insufficient amounts of aspartic acid necessary to fully react with zinc and magnesium. Some are not reacted at all. These products contain high levels of unbound, poorly absorbed inorganic zinc and magnesium mineral salts, which are ineffective and may cause diarrhea and other undesireable side effects). The addition of vitamin B6 further increases the absorption and utilisation of both zinc and magnesium. In the intensly competitive world of athletics and bodybuilding, where increased muscle strength is often the difference between winning and losing ZMA offers proven, measureable results,?William Seroy. President of Inter Health. U.S.A?

ZMA is a non steroidal and won?t cause undesireable side effects. It is made up of minerals and vitamins that are completely safe to take.?Dr Debasio Bagchi. Inter Health director of research and development?.

OFFER Now Allsports bring you direct from the U.S.A, for the first time in the U.K, ZMA in pure powder form. Although it has been available in tablets from America this is the first time the pure powder form has been available and it gives even better absorption. Each pack contains 120 grams of pure ZMA powder - 40 servings ( for men), 60 servings for women.

Unconditional Guarantee: If this product does not live up to the claims, just return any unopened packs and I will refund your money in full with no quibbles and you can keep the freebies. Robin Story. Managing Director. Allsports International Ltd.

Allsports ZMA warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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