Allsports Beta-Alanine Powder (180g)

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Beta-alanine is the only naturally occurring beta amino acid.


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Beta-Alanine Powder 
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Allsports Beta-Alanine Powder overview

Beta-alanine is the only naturally occurring beta amino acid.

Further information about Allsports Beta-Alanine Powder

Men and women, whatever your sport or activity -running, cycling, working out, dancing, gardening or just cleaning the attic - you need physical and mental energy to get going and keep going. First Order gives you both, in one easy-to-use, easy-to-mix powder.

You get the feeling and the reality of genuine energy, improved mental focus, and high endurance, without caffeine or other stimulants. Thats because First Order works naturally with your metabolism to give you the physical and mental energy you need for whatever you do.

The first order of business in any endeavor is to get going, and thats what First Order helps you do. Then, it helps you keep going with agents that speed recovery from exercise and activity. Again, all of this happens with all natural ingredients and without caffeine or other stimulants. First Order contains first class and first-in-class ingredients that give you physical and mental energy you can feel. Its a feeling of genuine energy (not jitters) that youll recognize the first time you drink First Order.

First Order isnt just for athletes. Its for anyone who wants more physical and mental energy. Doesnt that include you?
Reduces exercise-induced fatigue by up to 34%
Gives you more energy for increased performance
Increases physical stamina and endurance
Lets you train harder, become stronger, and recover faster
Supports growth hormone levels
Supports mental acuity
Ideal For
Endurance athletes
Strength/power athletes
Team sports
Active people
First Order: Only the Finest, Proven Ingredients
First Order brings you a unique combination of ingredients that have been proven effective by scientific research.
Beta Alanine for more endurance and higher output
Rhodiola Rosea for improvement in motor skills and endurance
Gingko Biloba(Egb1) for increased alertness and mental functioning
SerinAid for protection of muscles and mental faculties
Alpha-GPC for improved growth
Amalaki for improved brain and organ function
Frequently asked questions

Is beta-alanine safe?

While this is not a frequently asked question, it should be. We understand many people care most about gaining muscle, looking great and performing at their best. But safety should not be overlooked. We believe it should actually be the first question asked when considering a new supplement, even before you question efficacy.

The answer to the safety question is a resounding YES. Studies, going up to 12 weeks of continued beta-alanine use, have looked at a large array of blood biochemical, hematological and hormonal markers and no negative changes have occurred whatsoever. While it is impossible to say beta-alanine is one hundred percent safe until longer term studies are complete, we do know that up to 12 weeks of continued beta-alanine supplementation is indeed safe.

Why not just take carnosine instead of beta-alanine?

When you ingest carnosine intact, most of it is broken down in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract into its constituent amino acids, beta-alanine and histidine. Some intact carnosine does escape the GI tract freely but even that amount is quickly broken down in our blood by the enzyme carnosinase. In a very short time, all the carnosine you just ingested is either eliminated or broken down into beta-alanine and histidine. These two amino acids are then taken into the muscle, where they are converted back into carnosine with the help of the enzyme carnosine synthetase.

Unfortunately, only about 40% of the carnosine you take actually contains beta-alanine, making it an inefficient source at best. You are better off, from both efficiency and a financial standpoint, taking beta-alanine directly. You would have to take substantially more carnosine just to approach the increased concentrations of carnosine <!--[if !supportAnnotations]--> achieved by taking the scientifically recommended dose of beta-alanine. Clearly, taking beta-alanine is the superior solution to increasing carnosine levels.

Shouldn?t I take extra histidine along with beta-alanine since histidine is a component of carnosine?

No, as histidine is already present in high concentrations in muscle, while beta-alanine is only present only in small amounts. Researchers have determined that it is beta-alanine that drives carnosine synthesis, not histidine. Since this has been proven repeatedly in research, there is no need to supplement with extra histidine to increase carnosine levels. There are potentially some select populations like vegans, vegetarians or the elderly that may not get enough histidine in their diets and are thus deficient, which may compromise optimal carnosine levels. But, we still don?t recommend taking just extra histidine with beta-alanine. Instead, we recommend these groups and simply bump up their total protein intake which will in turn solve their possible histidine deficiency. For the majority of healthy people, only beta-alanine is needed as histidine deficiency is rare and no extra supplementation is needed to increase carnosine concentrations.

Who can benefit from beta-alanine?

1. Individuals participating in weight training looking to gain muscle mass and increase strength.

2. Any individual involved in athletic activities where strength,power and muscular endurance are needed

3. Exercise enthusiasts who have reached a training plateau and are looking for a supplement to take them to the next level

How much Beta-Alanine is needed to cause performance increases?

Research has shown that you can take an amount between 3.2 grams and 6.4 grams per day to significantly boost carnosine levels and improve performance. The most recent research, now using 4-5 grams a day, is showing comparable carnosine concentration and performance improvements to those using 6.4 g daily. Based off the current research, we suggest 4 grams of beta-alanine a day, with an ?optional? 2 week loading phase of 6 grams a day during the first month of use.

One such product that contains a effective 4 gram dose of Beta-Alanine and other supportive ingredients is the beta-alanine, carnosine boosting Formula IntraXCell, by Athletic Edge Nutrition.

How long will it take to start noticing benefits?

Performance benefits typically occur in as little as two weeks, although some individuals will notice benefits within one week. As carnosine levels increase, the benefits will follow. The most dramatic results are generally experienced within the 3-4 week range but they don?t stop there. Recent research is now showing carnosine levels continue to increase for a minimum of 12 weeks which is why we recommend staying on Beta-Alanine for at least three months to optimize your carnosine levels.

Immediate benefits: Many users experience intense vasodilatation/pumps from the very first dose of Beta-Alanine. Because Beta-Alanine increases carnosine and carnosine is a powerful precursor in generating nitric oxide synthase (a group of enzymes necessary for making the powerful vasodilator nitric oxide), this is an added, immediate benefit of Beta-Alanine.

Stay tuned for exciting research updates!

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Beta-Alanine powder

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