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There are many ways to browse out products; the easiest way, and one that's available on every page, is the product search tool above.  Also you can contact Customer Service for advice on the methods below.

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If you want to really drill down into our database with very specific criteria, try our advanced search. You can use this to display dairy free products, vegetarian, gluten free and lots more.

products by category

With products by category you can easily view similar products grouped by popular categories which you'd expect to find in any healthfood store. Our most popular categories include Weight Control products, Vitamins, Confectionary, Detox foods, Emotional remedies, Cereal Bars, Healthfood Remedies, Healthfood Supplements, Bodycare, Cosmetics, Creams, Herbal Teas, Homeopathic, Multi Supplements. Whatever you're looking for, a simple list and an A-Z make it effortless.

products by ingredient

Whether you're looking for Aginine, Bilberry, Biotin, Black Walnut, Chlorella, Coenzyme Q10, Colloidal Silver, Evening primrose, Flax, Fragaria, Ginseng, Glucosamine Sulphate, Garlic, Guarana, Lysine, Maitake, MSM, Omega 3, psyllium, Serrapeptase, Shiitake, Tea Tree, Tribulus, our easy to use products by ingredient list and A-Z will help you pick out the products with the exact ingredients you're looking for.

products by manufacturer

With 1160 different manufacturers, if we haven't got it you'll have difficulty finding it elsewhere. We supply many big brands including SolgarA Vogel, Biocare, FSC, Health Aid, Lifeplan, Natures Aid, Natures Answer, Nelsons, New Nordic, Optima, Ortis, potters, power Health, Quest, Seven Seas.


Still not found what you're looking for? Our A-Z will let you browse our 23,000 products alphabetically.

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We ship out to the UK, EU and all over the world. In the UK, and reduced shipping on all orders over £35. We have a special offer of 'Buy 5, get 1 free' some of our special offers are even better than this with 'Buy 3 get 1 free', 'Buy 2, get 1 free' and even 'BOGOF' (Buy 1, get 1 free) on selected products. View our special offers page for full details.

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