Qigong - Information about this therapy

Information about this therapy

OF all the benefits of qigong, perhaps the least talked about is the improvement in sexual health. Most people practise qigong to improve their general health while others seek qigong only after contracting serious diseases and cancer. Very few know that harnessing qi can have other benefits


The three best secrets of qigong are that it can improve sexual health; it can help you slim down while recharging your body with qi or life-force energy; and it can be an excellent meditative and spiritualpractice.

Qigong is the phonetic transcriptions (Qi and Gong) of two Chinese characters as shown in the title. Qimeans literally air, which represents a kind of energy flowing according to certain routes in your body. Gong means the great effort or work put into the qi practice. Through working inside your body and mind, using the methodology of Qigong, you may achieve a perfect harmony in your body, mind, and spirit, so this may lead to a more energetic and healthier life. Therefore, Qigongis the Chinese way of cultivating the human body and is the ancient Chinese methodology for health, therapy, and longevity.

Qigong has a historyof at least 3,000 years in China. It is believed that Qigong was gradually developed through the struggle for survival in ancient China. people found that certain body movements along with various ways of breathing and mental concentration, could greatly improve some body functions. These techniques and knowledge were further refined over time and passed down through generations. Qigong often has a strong bond with religions, particularly Taoist and Buddhist. One of the examples of this bond is Shaolin Temple, which is well known for its martial arts or Qigong (Qigong is considered the base of martial arts). Many quite different forms of Qigong were established over the long history of Qigong. The bond between Qigong and religions is an important factor for the many forms of Qigong.

Chinese medicine is traditionally based on the theory of Yin and Yang. Chinese think everything consists the yin and the yang. Such as for human being, female is the yin and male is the yang. Human body is also governed by the yin and the yang. The yin and the yang, are in constant evolution and revolution, and interaction between them. Disease and illness are the direct cause of the imbalance between the yin and the yang. Qigong is the natural method to control and adjust one's yin and yang to achieve the balance of them, so it optimizes the body's ability to use the most of latent energy within the human body and to guard any invasion of disease or illness.

Trying to establish a scientific foundation, many researchers and Qigong masters have done some research on Qigong using modern technologies, yet much more work still needs to be done to understand Qigong better. Qigong is one of the things I have always wished to learn, but just don't have the time. I believe Qigong will be helpful for your health if you practice it properly. I can not judge if some of Qigong masters' claims are true or false since I don't have any experience on Qigong.

Today, Qigong is extremely popular in China. You can often see a lot of people practice Qigong in the morning. It is estimated that there are about 200 popular forms of Qigong and 100 millionpeople practice Qigong.

Sexual health

In a previous article I wrote that sexual health is an important indicator of overall health and ageing, and that the ability to achieve and maintain erections often correlates with poor cardiovascular health in men.
Sexual wellbeing is also a major component of holistic wellness. These include physical, mental, psychosocial and spiritual wellbeing. The importance of qigong in maintaining sexual health is expected as sexual energy is qi.

Here are some exercises (for both sexes) that you can try out:

Sexual/pelvic rock

Stand in the basic qigong stance (see previous articles). place the middle finger of the right hand on the symphysis pubis (middle of the pelvic bone above the sexual organ) and the middle finger of the left hand directly behind on the lower sacrum. Then gently rock the pelvis to-and-fro while you send the qi (if you cannot feel qi, just imagine the energy flowing between your two fingers). Once the qi flows it will automatically flow in a circular motion.
Whether it goes in a clockwise or opposite direction depends on your sexual dominance at that moment. For a man, having a yin sexual dominance does not mean you are effeminate and prefer a male sexual partner, but it means that you tend to be more passive. Likewise, a woman with yang dominance is likely to be more sexually aggressive and dominant.
But the dominance may change at various times. It will be good if a couple has opposite dominances so that their sexual encounter will be complementary.

For beginners, the gyrations will be slow and gentle. However, if the qi really flows in you, and you let go, the gyrations will be rapid, and if you allow it to continue long enough, you will reach orgasm. Most of my audiences think that I am joking when I mention this during demonstrations, but this is really true.

Sexual squat

This exercise also increases qi to the sexual organs while strengthening the legs, the vagina, the urinary sphincter and the anal sphincter. Strong legs are important for good sex. Strong vaginal muscles are crucial for sexual enjoyment (for both partners) and also prevent utero-vaginal prolapse.
Strong urinary sphincter function will prevent urinary incontinence, especially in women who have given birth (more so after menopause). Strong anal sphincter muscles will prevent haemorrhoids and faecal incontinence.
Stand in the basic qigong stance, but with your feet turned slightly outwards. Slowly raise your arms, with the palms facing upwards and close to the body, to the chest level while inhaling. Then turn your palms downwards and slowly exhale while you gently bring your arms down and bend your knees to the squatting position (semi-squat if you find full squatting difficult). Then turn your palms upwards and slowly return to a standing position as you inhale again.
Tighten your pelvic muscles (tighten your anus, bladder-sphincter, and for women, the vagina as well) as you go down and exhale, and relax when you straighten up and inhale (in other pelvic muscle exercises, you tighten the pelvic muscles while you inhale, and relax as you exhale).

Repeat at least six times. Your aim is to repeat 50 times as you build your qi and strength. Once you are familiar with this exercise, you can upgrade to the advanced version by doing it while standing on your toes!

Dragon breathing fire

In the basic qigong stance, slowly raise your arms forward to shoulder level and clench your fists as you tilt your buttocks backwards, tightening your pelvic muscles, and inhaling at the same time.
Do chest-breathing and fill your chest fully. Finally, the male dragon thrusts his pelvis forwards as he forcefully breathes out fire through his mouth (with a huh!) and pulls his arms back down in a forceful motion. He feels sexually powerful, macho and dominant.
The female dragon is of course gentler. She breathes out the fire slowly (with a haah) as she relaxes the pelvis and the arms to the original starting position. She may even be smiling and enjoying the movements. She feels sexy, docile, and satisfied.

Repeat this six to 50 times. This exercise can also be done while sitting down.

penile and vaginal weight exercise

Qigong practitioners who have mastered the sexual exercises have ways to check the progress of their practice. For the men, classically, weights were attached to jade rings which were worn on the penis to ascertain the strength of the erections. Now various scientific methods are applied to accurately determine the erectile power.
Every now and then we see reports of qigong exponents lifting heavy weights to prove their erectile strength. Recently, one master actually pulled a truck with a chain somehow secured to his erect penis.
For the women, heavy metal balls (brass, silver or gold according to the social status) were used to gauge the strength of the vaginal muscles. These were inserted into the vagina and the women had to prevent the weights from falling out by squeezing their vaginal muscles tight.
At a recent anti-ageing conference in Bali, I met a Siberian lady who shared with me the sexual exercises for women that she teaches. Some of these are remarkably similar to qigong sexual exercises. She calls her set of exercises Vagina power. She also brought a modern gadget to measure the strength of the vaginal grip. It uses a special inflatable vaginal balloon attached to a sphygmomanometer (improvised from the blood-pressure measuring instrument). The balloon is inserted into the vagina, and inflated against the tightened vaginal muscles to determine the grip pressure.

According to her, the improvement in vaginal muscle strength can be rapidly achieved and proven with this method within just a few months of practice. Having a way to easily check the progress actually encourages the students to practise more often.

Slimming Dragon Qigong

Most qigong exercises are gentle and not tiring. For weight loss and slimming effects, the exercises are more active. The usual aerobics exercises will also help you lose weight, but doing the qigong versions will also enhance your qi as well.

Some classical Shaolin Qigong exercises, if practised adequately, will trim you down. The hard qigong exercises like Iron-shirt Qigong will certainly burn fat and build muscles at the same time. The Slimming Dragon Qigong exercise is an enjoyable slimming exercise that is suitable for young and old, men and women. It should be practised by all those who want to maintain a healthy weight and shape.

Meditative and spiritual qigong

Qigong involves discipline of mind, breath, body and movement. It is therefore an excellent practice for those who like to meditate, and especially so for those who are into the spiritual path. I will elaborate on these in future articles.

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