Myotherapy - Information and uses

Information and uses

Myotherapy is derived from Greek "Myo" meaning muscle, thus a muscle therapist. A Myotherapist is a multi skilled physical therapist who's treatments focus on the preventative, corrective and rehabilitation phases of therapy to maintain and achieve a normal integrity of the soft tissue structure - Muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body.
Treatments focus on detecting and deactivating trigger points (commonly known as knots) in the muscular system caused by birth, sports, accidents, occupations or disease.
The correct treatment and maintenance of trigger points, eliminates painful or nagging referral of pain, soreness in other areas of the body. Muscle tension, soreness is also caused by physical or emotional stress that affects the normal mobility of the body.
Hence, Myotherapy aids in the reduction, elimination and recovery from muscle soreness through:
- Soft tissue manipulation
- Joint mobilisation
- Thermal therapies both hot and cold
- Myofacial stretching.

Myotherapy is highly successful in relieving pain and dysfunction of both chronic and acute conditions. Myotherapy usually works quickly and cost-effectively to provide lasting relief. pressure is applied to myofascial trigger points and tender spots to release spasm or tight muscles, then the muscle group is exercised to aid in proper healing.

Trigger points collect in your muscle tissue as early as birth, from injuries, sports, surgery, and repetitive occupational patterns. When a trigger point is established, it can hide for years until it is activated by another injury or even by stress. Over 90% of pain cases are muscle related, and myotherapy is a method in which the client participates in the healing process and helps to prevent recurrence.

The number of sessions required depends on your current condition, your previous history, age and lifestyle, as well as the presenting situation. Some clients benefit from regular maintenance appointments. Check with your doctor.

VICTORIA LEA is a Certified Bonnie prudden Myotherapist, which requires 1300 hours of training and regular updates, and a member of the International Myotherapy Association. Victoria is also a Certified Healing Touch practitioner and an excellent Certified Massage Therapist, licensed in San Diego as a Holistic Health practitioner. She has practiced in San Diego since 1994.

presentations at group meetings can be arranged.
"It's pain that ages us, not years!" -Bonnie prudden.
Myotherapy is based on the book, pain Erasure , by Bonnie prudden.

MYOTHERApY is effective in treating such conditions as:

Back pain
Arthritis pain
Migraines & other headaches
Menstrual cramps
Muscle spasm
Neck & shoulder pain and tightness
Joint pain
Foot pain
Asthma & emphysema
Reduced muscle strength/range of motion
Sports injuries
Carpel Tunnel symptoms
Tension from Stress
Disease preventing proper muscle function
Spinal injury
Muscle cramps
Female incontinence & pelvic pain
pain causing drug dependance
Animal injury, arthritis, spasm & pain

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