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What is Zambesia Botanica

Zambesia Botanica arose after we encountered and personally experienced the healing properties of the Kigelia africana tree. Many generations of African healers have made medicines from the roots, bark and fruits for internal and external use.

Our unique combination of the tree fruit extract in a gentle emollient formula has been successful by helping improve a variety of long standing dry skin problems and bring relief to many people in the UK, France, Switzerland, Canada, Holland and the Far East.

About the Kigelia africana tree

The trees occur naturally across sub-Saharan Africa. The bitter tasting fruit pods provide our dark brown/black extract. They hang from the branches and resemble sausages, hence these trees are also called "Sausage Trees". Mature fruit can grow to over 2 foot long and 10kg in weight.

Should you visit the Victoria Falls area on a safari holiday, you may be invited to sample the fruit. Further upstream stands the famous "Kazangula" sausage tree very near the village where Dr David Livingstone spent the night before continuing on to "discover" the falls.

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Tuesday February 1999

A cream discovered in Africa by accident is being hailed as a breakthrough in treating psoriasis and eczema. The cream called Zambesia Botanica, contains extracts of the fruit of an African tree, has been found to relieve itchiness and ease other symptoms of the two conditions.

Derek Mann, a lifetime sufferer of psoriasis, made the discovery on a business trip to Africa.
He explained his skin complaint to his host doctor, who suggested the local remedy.
'I was sceptical at first, because so many creams claim to have the answer to your prayers. But I thought I'd try it anyway, says Mr Mann.
'I was amazed. For the first time in 45 years there was a clear improvement. I was using it on my scalp and the psoriasis has almost disappeared there.'

Zambesia Botanica is made from the tree extracts of Kigelia africana (sausage tree, so called because of the shape of the 2ft-long fruit which hangs from its branches). Laboratory research has found that extracts from the trees sap works as an inhibitor of overactive cell growth - a possible explanation for its effectiveness in treating psoriasis. The Kigelia extract is known to have a wide antibacterial activity, particularly against Staph aureus, the bacteria implicated in aggravating eczemas.
All previous creams relied upon the same set of ingredients in differing combinations, whereas Zambesia Botanica utilises a new anti-bacterial agent previously unused in Western medicine. Traditionally, African healers used the tree extracts to treat wounds

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