Vertigo - Vertigo & Allergies

Vertigo & Allergies

There are multiple causes of vertigo, which is a true dizziness as opposed to a feeling of imbalance. If vertigo is prolonged, physicians feel obligated to rule out serious disease by doing MRIs or CAT scans of the brain, but the results are most often normal.

Rarely does the patient or physician investigate and recognize a seasonal pattern to these complaints, unless there is a history of multiple recurrences. In my experience as an Environmental physician, many cases of vertigo are caused or associated with sensitivity to seasonal pollens. If sensitivity to tree pollens is a problem, a tendency to develop vertigo may occur in the spring. Likewise, grass pollen sensitivity may provoke summertime occurrences of vertigo, weed pollens may cause difficulty in the fall, and, even Mountain Cedar pollen may provoke sudden episodes around December and January. Surprisingly, this dizziness is not associated with the signs and symptoms usually expected of pollen allergy, such as nasal congestion or sneezing.

What also is of great interest is that many cases of vertigo can be controlled by using Dr. Joseph Miller's technique of viral neutralization with the influenza virus vaccine. What this suggests is that when the body is stressed, it compromises the immune system's ability to control many of the ever-present germs that live in our body. In the case of vertigo, the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) seems to be especially important.

To summarize, the Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine recognizes that seasonal exacerbation of the Herpes Simplex Virus by multiple pollens is the most common cause of Vertigo. Control of the patient's pollen allergy is an effective way to manage recurrent Vertigo.

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