Smoking - Tips on How to Stop

Tips on How to Stop


One wouldn't give more alcohol to an alcoholic, or more heroin to a heroin addict, so it is difficult to follow the logic of giving more nicotine to an addicted smoker!

Doing so feeds, rather than breaks, the addiction and, irrespective of the method of administration, nicotine remains an addictive poison.

The Logical & Most Effective Way to Break Any Substance Addiction - including nicotine- is to stop putting that substance into one's system immediately and use an appropriate therapeutic medicine (not the same substance), to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

NICObrEVIN is NICOTINE-FREE and has been proven by clinical trials and 30 years of safe and successful use to be the most effective therapeutic medicine available to alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. No other smoking cessation support product equals it's pedigree and effectiveness. Millions of smokers world-wide have quit with its help.

NICObrEVIN is a highly-effective, 28-day course of small, easy-to-take capsules containing a mild therapeutic medicine which alleviates the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms normally experienced when giving up smoking and breaking one's addiction to nicotine. Usually, it eliminates them entirely.

NICObrEVIN calms the nerves, reduces the craving for cigarettes, clears the bronchial passages, improves breathing and soothes the gastric system, thereby enabling you to quit smoking, immediately, without distress.

You stop smoking on the first day with NICObrEVIN and, by the end of the course, you will have been both nicotine-free and a non-smoker for 28 days. This makes it much easier to remain a non-smoker thereafter.

NICObrEVIN contains no nicotine or any other poisonous or addictive substance and is thus, neither habit-forming nor harmful to health. And, being nicotine-free, it may safely be used by those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke or who suffer from hypertension, diabetes or other ailments relating to the circulatory system, where products containing nicotine should not be used.

Judged on all, or any of the criteria of cost, effectiveness, speed of action, safety (no-nicotine), lack of unpleasant and/or dangerous side-effects, Nicotine-Free NICObrEVIN wins hands down!

Nothing works better than NICObrEVIN - Nothing!

Nicobrevin enables you to quit smoking immmediately without distress and when you do, you will feel fitter, look better, smell nicer, be more socially acceptable and romantically desirable, live longer, be happier and save lots of money. So, for the sake of your family, your health, your social and romantic life and your finances,

The following additional facts may strengthen your resolve to quit :-

including poisons such as:
Hydrogen Cyanide Used in gas chambers
Arsenic White ant poison
Acetone paint stripper
Ammonia Floor cleaner
Carbon Monoxide Car exhaust gas
Butane Lighter fuel
Methanol Rocket fuel

and others equally nasty, all of which are harmful to health. They can make you sick - Very Sick!!

And about 43 of them are known to cause cancer!

INHAliNG A SMOKER'S SlipSTREAM SMOKE ( passive smoking ) is a leading cause of death and the non-smoker inhaling this smoke is just as much at risk to contract one or more of the smoking-related illnesses as the person smoking. The children of smoking parents are particularly at risk.
A pREGNANT WOMAN SMOKING exposes her baby to all of the same dreadful smoking- induced illnesses to which smokers themselves are subject. Cancerous brain tumours, leukaemia and other forms of cancer and a wide range of bronchial problems, including life-long asthma,are typical. Her smoking can also stunt her baby's growth and increase the risk of a miscarriage or stillborn baby by 30%. Smoking during pregnancy is probably the ultimate in child brutality.
which, in turn, can lead to cancer in a newborn child. Researchers believe that as many as one in seven cancers in children, includng leukaemia and brain tumours, could be because of the Father's smoking habit.
(Dr Thomas Sorahan, Birmingham Research Team, Birmingham University, England)
SMOKING OFTEN brINGS ON THE MENOpAUSE 2-3 years earlier, accelerates osteoporosis, causes cancer of the cervix and infertility. It also ravages a woman's complexion and advances the ageing process, making her look years older than she is.

From the above facts it is clear that unless one has a death wish it makes total sense to stop smoking and none at all to continue.
It really is later than you think!


(Original letters of these and many others held on file at our office)

"Thank you for your wonderful product NICObrEVIN. I am now a NON-SMOKER. It has been 5 months now since my mother and myself have given up, and using NICObrEVIN was so easy. After smoking for 15 years, I thought I would never give up, but I have and without gaining lots of weight. It's wonderful to have a nice smelling home and I feel happy that it is now a safer place for my children. I did feel so guilty that they were breathing in my smoke.Thank you again and I urge all smokers to try it, it's wonderful".
Mrs W..........
"I am writing to thank you for your brilliant product Nicobrevin . I must admit I was sceptical at first, but I wanted so much to quit smoking. I started my course of Nicobrevin on the 21st March and was amazed how much NICObrEVIN helped. It was almost a pushover. I no longer felt a real desperate desire for a cigarette, for once I was back in control, I was no longer a sucker. Many thanks to you all".

Mrs C.............
Te Teko
"I am so pleased I took this course, as for years I have tried, only to last a couple of weeks. I started my course on the first day of January 1996. I feel good, happy about my savings growing and so pleased I don't stink anymore. Oh, you don't notice it when you smoke but, gosh, once you stop you realise how bad smokers smell. Thanks again, I don't know why I didn't try NICObrEVIN before. You really are the best!"
Mrs H.............
"I wish to put pen to paper to tell of my success with Nicobrevin . Originally I tried the patches but had adverse reactions as did my daughter so I gave them up. Sometime later I was really determined to give up smoking so did the course of NICObrEVIN, having smoked for 45 years and being on average a 25-30 cigarettes a day person. I sent a course of Nicobrevin to my daughter in Australia and her family are very proud of her that she no longer smokes. Thanks for the product".

Mrs E................
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give up smoking. I have great pleasure in advising you that my Nicobrevin course was a complete success. I smoked an average of 20 cigarettes a day since 1967. That's 25 years at 7,300 cigarettes per year totalling 182,500 cigarettes. If each cigarette cost on average 10p, 2 per packet, I spent 18,250 on a product designed to shorten my life. Apart from my financial benefits, I feel healthier and socially acceptable. Now I start my day wide awake, my teeth are clean and white, my mind is more active, my clothes smell sweet, my fingers are clean, my breath is odourless, my heart beats slowly, the inside of my nose is clean, my temper has gone, but best of all I am clean and healthy".

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