Sinusitis - Allergy & Sinus/Sinusitis Alternative Medicine

Allergy & Sinus/Sinusitis Alternative Medicine

The following is an overview of drug free allergy and sinus - sinusitis alternative medicine without use of antihistamines. On the "allergy program" page, you'll find a suggested protocol and information on the related homeopathic supplements.

What To Expect

Results found in this alternative medicine allergy and sinus program may vary but initial results should be noticed within the initial 30 days. The point of this allergy and sinus program is to reduce or stop excessive allergy histamine reaction that may occur during an allergic response. This allergy and sinus program is also designed to strengthen the immune system in order to reduce and eliminate the number of allergens which are responsible for the allergic response. The key to our success is to supply the body with essential chemical compounds and enzymes not normally found in our highly processed diets which have proven to be essential for building and maintaining white blood cells responsible for a normal immune response to foreign protein. It's the excessive histamine reaction that contributes to symptoms related to allergies and sinus congestion.

Continued progress generally peaks after 90 to 120 days, and medications associated with allergy symptoms can be gradually withdrawn. Even after 6 months of care the number of allergens will continue to diminish. Acute, as well as chronic, sinusitis will improve as less and less inflammatory episodes occur. Asthma, as is related to allergens, will demonstrate significant improvement within the first 6 months of treatment, again as a direct result of reduced allergic response. please keep us informed as to your progress and any unusual difficulties which may seem to persist. This program is designed for all three common types of allergies. First, immune globulin a, or common environmental allergies, such as grasses, pollens, spores, dust, animal dander etc. The second type of environmental allergy is found from chemical exposure, for which there is no natural defense. These allergy responses come from various forms of pollution and air borne chemicals such as perfume and cologne fragrances, paint fumes and even formaldehyde from new carpets. The third common allergy response comes from immune globulin e or food allergies, which is a sensitivity to individual foods. All three common varieties of allergies will respond to an enhanced immune system, which is made possible through the products introduced in this program

Following your initial 30 days, dosages may be reduced depending upon your individual results and maintenance dosages will be implemented. These maintenance dosages are about half of the initial dosage and should be continued as long as there are any remaining symptoms. Feel free to contact us for questions or concerns pertaining to maintenance care or dosage reduction.

professional Care & Medications

This program is not designed to be a substitute for outside professional care. In fact, we encourage you to have this program reviewed by your health care provider. Your personal physician is familiar with your particular condition and should be in charge of your therapy and recovery. The products used are carefully selected for non-toxicity and therefore should not interfere with any prescribed or non prescribed medications. In fact, as improvements are noted, your medications can be reduced or eliminated, as your physician suggests. Remember, your recovery and general improvements are the result of team efforts.

About Allergies and Sinus / Sinusitis

Almost half of our population is affected by allergies in one way or another. 22 million suffer with seasonal hay fever and another 8 million suffer with asthma. An allergic response is basically the body's way of dealing with foreign protein. Normally, when a foreign protein is introduced, the body responds with a variety of white blood cells and a mild histamine response, which controls and directs blood supply to the involved area. During an allergic reaction this response is exaggerated and far too many white blood cells become involved and actually do more harm than good by attacking useful proteins and tissues. The histamine reaction also becomes exaggerated and causes over constriction of smooth muscles, stimulating constriction of bronchial tubes, change in blood flow contributing to soft tissue swelling and mucus formation as well as increasing stomach acid. It is no wonder allergy victims are so lethargic and miserable. Common symptoms associated with allergic reaction include nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, itching, headache and fatigue. Complications from tissue break down and secondary infection may include sinusitis, bronchitis, hives, asthma attack, and gastrointestinal inflammation. The variety and intensity of symptoms may vary but the allergic response itself needs to be addressed and treated.

By strengthening the immune system we are then controlling and eliminating the allergic response. Meaning an adequate number of white blood cells respond to a foreign protein and a controlled histamine reaction, not interfering with normal bodily functions, takes place. Medications designed to control or stop histamines (antihistamines) are merely masking symptoms while allowing the weakened immune system to become even weaker. The only real treatment for the allergic response both environmental and food induced is to strengthen the immune system by supplying it with essential micro-nutrients Eating foods over the years with an inadequate micro-nutrient content will and has to weaken the first line of defense against all diseases and disorders, the immune system.

The main component missing from our food content is trace minerals. Trace minerals are chiefly responsible for the manufacturing of vitamins within the food itself, so with a trace mineral deficiency there is a natural vitamin deficiency. A typical example would be iron and vitamin B content of spinach. Thirty years ago 8 oz. would have contributed to 100% of the MDR in both, but today it would take 25 times that. We as a nation are not able to keep the nutritional values held by foods 25 and 50 years prior. It doesn't stop with the production of vitamins. Essential enzymes and amino acid compounds are also lacking and a cause for concern. So the entire elemental chain is adversely effected from the trace mineral all the way to the more complex enzymes and proteins needed for human growth and repair.

This program is designed to supplement two essential compounds needed to build and maintain a functional immune system.

This program is designed to provide all essential tools needed to eliminate the allergic response and the symptoms that accompany it. There are two dietary considerations. First, a dietary program which is complete and will contribute to building a healthy, functional, immune system. Second, a dietary program that takes into consideration the existence of present food allergies. proper hydration or fluid intake is essential to this life giving program and needs to be adjusted in order to supply the proper environment for the entire immune system. This program for allergies is complete yet simple, and the results you'll receive speak for themselves.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

This is our first essential compound needed to build a functional immune system, and represents one of the vital nutrient compounds missing from our food supply today. MSM is a naturally occurring organic sulfur compound present in most all plants and animals including milk. However because of its volatility, it is readily lost when fresh food is stored or processed. Unless the diet consist largely of raw, unprocessed foods, it is unlikely that sufficient MSM will be ingested enough to contribute to the daily nutritional sulfur requirement. Therefore, most people suffer with sub-clinical symptoms related to sulfur deficiency. This is why domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, eat fresh grass; its for its organic sulfur or (MSM) content. Canned and processed pet foods also loose MSM leaving your pets deficient as well.

Sulfur is responsible for the bonding of amino acids which in turn build proteins. These disulfide bonds are also responsible for the binding of complex enzymes which are readily utilized and therefore need to be recycled. So sulfur needs to be regularly replenished in order to maintain normal physiology. Although MSM has not been established to be a vitamin it does have a stabilizing effect for multiple bodily functions and has a direct correlation between abnormal physiological symptoms and low MSM levels in the blood. Low levels have been demonstrated to cause organ malfunction, fatigue and increased susceptibility to disease. Meaning, a suppressed immune system. Blood studies have also demonstrated a direct correlation between MSM concentration and resistance to allergens. All forms of allergic responses did demonstrate significant improvement when MSM was supplemented. This included the introduction of environmental allergens such as house dust, pollen, wool, animal hair and feathers. Food and drug allergies were also suppressed and symptoms improved when MSM was administered in therapeutic dosages. Thus MSM is a safeguard against allergic response to orally ingested foods or drugs which act as allergens or irritants to individuals sensitive to these substances.

The MSM product recommended is a stable form of MSM and is enhanced with C Complex for optimal absorption.

Bee pollen & propolis

This is our second vital organic compound needed to restore immune function. Bee pollen and propolis supplies needed enzymes or complex protein compounds which are capable of restoring damaged cells within the immune system and reduces the inflammatory response from the overproduction of histamines. Bee pollen is produced by the anthers of flowering plants and is gathered by bees. The propolis is a collection of various plant secretions or saps which act as a binding substance for bee hives. Bee pollen is unique in that it alone contains all 22 basic elements found in the human body. Bee pollen and propolis together provide a rich source of enzymes and other essential elements such as hormones, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. But it is the enzymes which make these products so valuable in allergy control.

Bee pollen and propolis have an antimicrobial or antibacterial effect and can be used medicinally in a host of other disorders besides allergies. Supplying white blood cells with needed enzymes is a slow process and may not demonstrate an immediate symptomatic benefit but over time will rebuild and enhance the entire immune-complex. The bee propolis for example stimulates phagocytosis, the means by which white blood cells destroy bacteria and other microorganisms which can cause allergic reaction. Some subjects on bee pollen and propolis alone may notice some changes within 30 days but the majority of noticeable symptomatic changes take 90 days or more. The immune system made of blood producing tissues such as bone marrow and lymphatic tissues rebuild in cycles. These cycles of tissue regeneration and cellular replacement come in 30 to 90 days increments. So bee pollen and propolis while having some immediate antimicrobial effects, has its healing power by supplying the immune system with necessary whole proteins and enzymes. Other nutrients are supplemented as well such as trace minerals and the vitamin B complex and are beneficial but are not considered as the main beneficial properties given to bee pollen and propolis together. The regular use of bee pollen and propolis in therapeutic dosages has proven successful in reducing the number of allergens and allergic response.

Most Bee pollen and propolis supplements will work and may be effective for this program but will not be optimal unless the source and manufacturing techniques are optimal. Contrary to popular belief the pollen or the propolis does not have to come from the local area. It is the enzymes within the pollen and propolis not the pollen and propolis itself which restores white blood cells and lymph tissue. We recommend pollen from the Synora Desert in Arizona. This is not an absolute but the native plants of the area yield a more efficient enzyme content. The product which meets these standards is also supplemented with additional vitamin C and bioflavonoid complex to aid in absorption.

Allergies and Sinusitis Alternative Medicine program

If you suffer from allergies, sinusitis, or asthma, this antihistamine free protocol using MSM, Bee pollen and propolis could provide drug free relief from your allergy symptoms.


Believe it or not, poor immune system function is noted by dehydration. It is now becoming obvious that as the years roll by, our thirst for water becomes chronically and increasingly less sensitive and a state of dehydration exists. In fact as we age, the water content of the cells of the body decreases to the point that the ratio of the volume of body water that is inside the cells, to that which is outside the cells, changes from a ratio of 1:1 to 1:0.8. This is a drastic alteration from normal. Since the water we drink provides for cell function and its volume requirements, the apparent decrease in daily water intake affects the efficiency of cell activity and adversely effects the immune system. As a direct result of drinking less water, chronic dehydration causes loss of cellular function and corresponding tissues become more prone to disease and dysfunction. So instead of medication, like antihistamines, water for proper hydration can be the proper source of aid. In fact, water or proper hydration habits is a significant factor in restoration of the immune system. More than the usual attention needs to be placed on proper hydration for a well functioning immune system, which can trigger allergies and spawn allergens. This is easily accomplished by increasing water intake. It is a slow process and generally takes 4 to 7 days before there is a noticeable effect. How much water Eight to ten, 8 oz. glasses a day, every day, at bare minimum. This program hinges on water intake or hydration. All these dietary changes, added enzyme sources and organic sulfur, will not be as effective with improper hydration.

Water intake is best or optimal 30 minutes to an hour prior to meals. One or two glasses is fine. The remaining water requirement can be drank anytime it is convenient or whenever thirsty. It is impossible to over hydrate, so drink as much as possible. We recommend filling a 3 qt. to a gallon container with water at the beginning of each day and being sure it is empty at the end of the day. The most ideal water for prostate dysfunction is distilled or filtered water through reverse osmosis. This demineralized water acts as the body's strongest solvent. please, do not worry. Contrary to rumors, distilled or reverse osmosis water will not leach out needed trace minerals. The kidneys actually put all fluids through a reverse osmosis filtration process. Add a little lemon to your water, if desired, for taste. Another advantage to distilled or reverse osmosis water, is that they are absolutely the only two systems in which sodium fluoride is removed.

Filtered water is the next best option. This will eliminate the majority of heavy metals and chlorine contamination. Some water filtration systems will also eliminate various bacteria and viruses. We feel so strongly about proper hydration, that we suggest to drink the needed water even if less than ideal. Unfiltered tap water is better than no water. Other fluids may also be added, such as non-sweetened soft drinks, teas, and limited amounts of coffee. Any alcoholic beverage will dehydrate, not hydrate, so will not contribute to daily fluid intake.

Coffee should be decaffeinated or limited to two cups of caffeine coffee a day. Alcoholic beverages need also to be limited, to no more than two daily. Sweetened soft drinks, those with added sugar, need also be limited to two daily, and artificially sweetened soft drinks are not limited, but caution should be applied, as carbonation creates too much phosphorus which can interfere with proper calcium absorption. Juice is also a good source of fluids but should not be counted toward total fluid intake because of the need for extra digestion.

Food Allergies

Immune globulin-e needed to combat most food related allergens, is the main defense mechanism used by our immune system. Food allergens should not be confused with food intolerance the latter being the body's inability to digest a certain food or food group such as dairy. As the immune system becomes weaker and less efficient, more and more food allergens are created and dietary intolerance and reaction becomes more intense. Hidden food allergies, those not known, will still cause symptoms and ill health and may never be addressed or may never be eliminated from the diet.

This program is designed to strengthen the immune system by the addition of essential compounds and enzymes, but as these changes are occurring, it is important to avoid as many allergens as possible while the body is going through this repair. Well known and hidden food allergies have to be eliminated in order to make this a more effective program. With time and the process of strengthening the immune system, food allergens and sensitivities will gradually diminish and be eliminated. In order to eliminate all possible hidden food allergies, all foods should be tested to determine an allergic response. Remember not all food allergies will cause an adverse symptom such as stomach pain, discomfort or sinus congestion but all will continue to compromise the immune system as a whole.

The first foods that should be tested are those suspected or known to cause an adverse symptom. Then, test five of the more common foods, known to be food allergens. A simple self pulse test can reveal if you are having an allergic reaction or not. Use a watch with a second hand, and when completely relaxed, take your pulse at the wrist. Count the number of beats in sixty seconds. After taking your pulse, consume the food that is being tested for the allergic reaction. Wait fifteen to twenty minutes and take your pulse again. If your pulse rate has increased more than ten beats per minute, then omit this food from your diet for 30 days and test it again. This gives the immune system a chance to respond to the program. The most common foods that cause allergic reactions are wheat, corn, dairy, rice, tomatoes and potatoes. When testing, use the purest source possible meaning without the presence of other ingredients, which can obviously give a false positive reading. For example when testing wheat, use plain cream of wheat not bread which contains numerous other ingredients. Don't add sugar or dairy to the product being tested. This pulse test is free and actually proves more accurate than some blood antigen food testing.

Solid Eating Habits

Improved dietary habits should be life long habits, not a temporary fix. Compliance in proper eating habits is an important feature in this program but will not be extreme in its content or suggested application. We fully realize that eating should be a pleasant and gratifying experience, not full of burdensome restrictions. Generalized suggestions will be given as guide lines, not rules. This concept will foster lasting benefits.


Eat eight to nine servings of fruit and vegetables daily. This in itself is a panacea. Research has confirmed this to be the most beneficial dietary change, in regards to overall health. Health benefits in all systems will be felt especially the immune system. Heart disease, blood pressure disorders, kidney dysfunction and even arthritic changes will see vast improvements using this one basic dietary enhancement. The added trace minerals, fiber and enzymes cannot be replenished with supplements alone, so dietary enhancements, such as adding these extra portions of fruits and vegetables can improve all biological functions. So, eat all the fruit and vegetables you desire ... just eat.

Restructuring the food pyramid is not an act of sabotage. It is a better concept than the basic four. However, it is still not ideal. Adding the additional portions of fresh fruits and vegetables is a real key in getting well and staying well. The additional fiber, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes cannot be replaced with supplementation. A relatively small serving of protein (3 oz. to 4 oz.) is adequate for daily needs. Carbohydrates such as breads, cereal, and pasta should have no limits but should not be overdone. Fats and oils are used sparingly and should follow our guidelines.

Fats and Oils

Avoid hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. These contribute heavily to free radicals by their altered structure. They are difficult to break down by normal digestion, so these large undigested protein and fat particles create havoc for the immune system. Free radicals from hydrogenated oils can damage the lining of your arteries and can contribute to suppressing the immune system. products containing hydrogenated oils include margarine, homogenized peanut butter, prepared cake mixes, frostings and some canned goods, which can be identified through proper labeling.

Be selective about cooked fats found in red meats, avoid when possible, and limit servings to two or three times a week. poultry is a good substitute for fat laden red meats but should also be limited to 3-4 oz. Avoid all processed or luncheon meats. Their fat content is high and they also carry large amounts of sodium nitrate.

Avoid fried or deep fried food in oils or fat. Again, the free radical content is high and will contribute to undesired allergic reactions. Yes, this does include French fries! Of course, baking, broiling and boiling are good substitutes. Even wok cooking, with soy or very light oil, is a good substitute.

Essential fatty acids are necessary commodities for this program. Simply, essential fatty acids are basic fats which the body cannot manufacture, and needs to be obtained through diet. Omega 6 oils are found in nuts, seeds and legumes, and omega 3 oils are found in fish and certain vegetables, such as canola and flaxseed. These oils should be supplemented to assure basic requirements as they are vital for immune system repair and restoration. When buying oils be sure they are uncooked and unprocessed. Buy oils labeled cold processed or expelled (squeezed under low temperature). When eating out, if possible, eat fat free dressings. Try to consume 2 tsp. of canola or flaxseed oil daily. May be used in dressing recipes or as part of a garnish on vegetables.


Avoid processed carbohydrates as much as possible. It is difficult to eliminate all forms of processed carbohydrates, but at home you'll have better control. processed indicates bleached or white flour. Bleach from the whitening process of wheat flour may cause some to have an allergic reaction and may contribute to secondary symptoms. Use whole grain breads, cereals, etc. Whole grain products contain needed fiber, vitamins and trace minerals, not found in processed grains. Health food stores, specialty bakeries, and in most grocery stores, prepared breads and desserts made with whole grains are available.

processed sugars may also cause undesired symptoms. First rule concerning any sugar is self restraint. When sweetening foods try using honey, molasses or fruit concentrates. Health food sections in grocery stores, health food stores and specialty bakeries do a fine job of using natural sweeteners or sugar substitutes. We do realize that artificial sweeteners may pose some health risk but is generally safer than too much sugar in the diet. Without a pheynoalanine sensitivity, Aspartame (Nutra-Sweet) can be used. The best sweetener available is Ki-Sweet which is a natural sugar concentrate, not a chemical substitute. It is actually 10 times sweeter than table sugar.


Eat at least three or more servings of fish per week, limiting portion size to 3-4 oz. This apparent limitation in protein helps protect the immune system form undigested proteins found in the blood and will help keep the body in a more healthy alkaline state. The increase in fish will help assure an adequate supply of the omega 3 fatty acids and fish proves to be the easiest form of animal protein to be digested. poultry is also a good source of protein and can be eaten as often as desired, keeping in mind the 3-4 oz portion size. Of course, white meats are preferred, because of less animal fat content. Legumes, such as beans, peas, nuts and seeds, are also great sources of protein, and can be also consumed without limitation. Soy protein is a common meat substitute, and can be found in many health drinks and protein powders. They are good, but if gas or bloating occur, they may not be agreeable.

Special Notes

please do not restrict diet so as to be uncomfortable. Soups, stews, ethnic foods can all be enjoyed at home or when eating out. Just use wholesome ingredients and flavorful spices with foods prepared at home. Watch fat content, as high content can cause undesired allergic reactions. It is generally regarded as safe to consume 15% to 25% of total caloric intake in the form of fat, or about 20-30 grams in a typical 2,000 to 2,500 calorie diet.

Essential Mandatory Supplements

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Serves as an important source of bioavailable dietary sulfur, and when administered, is effective in ameliorating symptoms of allergic reactions and sinus congestion. MSM appears to augment immunological competence through a natural moderating or normalizing activity for the immune system while being totally nontoxic and non contributory to any hidden allergic reactions.

MSM Dosage: First 30 days take 2,000 mg. three times daily. Then drop back to 1,000 mg. three times a day.

Bee pollen with propolis: Serves as a primary source of available enzymes needed to repair and restore a compromised immune system which is conducive to allergy symptoms. You will also need minerals that will also provide 74 trace elements to support oxidation of these damaged tissues, further enhancing the regenerating process.

Bee pollen Dosage: Three tablets daily of the recommended amount

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