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Breast enhancement Information


First, a few critical questions about the product

An increase in breast size occurs. Does that mean that more fat tissue develops

Fat tissue definitely does not develop. The use of Natural push Up only influences the glandular tissue in the breasts. Fat tissue, on the other hand, is primarily dependent on the fluctuations in the weight of the female body. If the preparation were dependent on increase in fat tissue, then that would mean extra concern in the case of weight loss. The fact is that it is often the case that the fat tissue in the breasts is the first tissue to disappear when a woman loses weight. The effect of the preparation would then be negative when trimming down. But Natural push Up instead provides support for the breasts during weight reduction because the vanishing fat tissue is replaced by glandular tissue.
How does that actually work Can you provide some background information

We can describe a dynamic balance that exists between the build-up and the break-down of cell tissue in the glandular tissue of the breast. During puberty, the build-up of tissue is dominant, while the breaking down process becomes relatively greater with age. The skin does not change to take on the form of the breast when breast volume decreases as a result of a reduction in the amount of glandular tissue. The body reacts just as it did during puberty by producing glandular tissue.
What are the chances of success

Our experience is that a vast majority of the users has success with this product
Has a double blind clinical trial been carried out

A double blind trial has not be conducted in which a placebo group has been compared to a group taking the preparation. Such a study would be carried out to exclude the possibility that a suggestion effect played a role. Considering that breast size can be measured without speaking of a suggestion factor, the company felt that such a study should not receive the highest priority.
Today, more than 150,000 women worldwide have used the product.
What sorts of standards are maintained during production

The production process occurs under the same sort of strict standards as those in effect for the production of medicines. The tablets are only released for sale after a laboratory inspection and approval by the inspecting pharmacist.
There is a great deal of publicity about allergies. Can women have an allergic reaction to these pills

people who are especially sensitive to grain products and hops turn out, naturally, to display the same reactions when using the tablets. Other unanticipated hypersensitivity reactions have not been reported to date. The allergic reaction that has been reported expresses itself as red spots on the skin within a short time of ingestion. If this occurs, stop the treatment and try again after a week. If the same reaction occurs, stop the treatment. You probably suffer from an allergy to grain.
You speak of hops. That is also present in beer. Can the effectiveness of the preparation be increased by drinking beer

Beer is heated to 100C during the production process. Whatever effective ingredients may be present in the substances used at the beginning of the beer production process will be broken down during the production process.
A few additional frequently asked questions

How long has the product existed

The product has been on the market since 1996.
Has it ever been prohibited in any country

Whether a product is permitted into a country or not is primarily dependent on the extent to which the safety of the product can be proven. The product is very safe. Accordingly, no government has ever objected to this product. There are some countries where the procedures for securing permission to introduce the product are currently underway.
How many tablets are there in 1 package

One package contains 160 tablets
Is one treatment sufficient

No, the first treatment has a firming effect. The treatments that follow have a very gradual effect on breast size. On average, a woman requires 5 treatments to achieve an increase in breast size of 1 cup size.
What are the ingredients in the tablets

The product consists of selected grains and 3 varieties of hops.
The folder mentions that the ingestion of the tablets should be spread over the day. What is the best way to do that

By spreading the ingestion of the tablets over the day, the blood level can be maintained at one value. That allows the favourable effect of the tablets to continue 24 hours a day. It isnt necessary to evenly spread the ingestion of the tablets over the entire 24 hours. The desired effect can be achieved following the dosage schedule: 5 tablets a day
The tablets must be taken with copious amounts of water. It is therefore a good idea to take the evening dose some time prior to going to bed, since otherwise it may be necessary to go to the toilet during the night.
Should I take the tablets after eating

It is important that you remember to take the tablets. It is therefore advisable to take them at times that are most convenient for you, by setting a schedule corresponding to regularly recurring events in the day such as meals, or other such events. It is not critical for the effectiveness of the pills to take them before, during, or after a meal. In deciding when you will take the pills, it is important to take into account the fact the their ingestion should be spread over the day.
Why should one drink so much water

Experience has shown that the best effect results when the tablets are taken with relatively large quantities of water preferably 2 litres per day. The absorption of a lot of moisture seems to contribute to the absorption of the effective ingredients. In addition, the tablet is perceived to be dry. Many women seem to feel, therefore, that it is more pleasant to take the pills with a lot of water.
Can the liquid be spice tea or coffee

For the tablets to dissolve is it important that at least two litres of liquid be consumed. Water has the advantage that there are no calories even when large quantities are consumed. Alternatives to water are permissible, but consideration should be given to the effects that excessive use of these drinks may cause.
If I forget to take the tablets one day, should I take a double dose the next day

Forgetting to take the pills for one day doesnt have a very significant negative influence on the effectiveness of the treatment. It isnt necessary to double the dosage the following day.
During the time that it has been on the market, have any side effects been noted

Side effects are other effects caused by a preparation beyond those for which the preparation is used. With many substances, the effect on one part of the body is accompanied by side effects. With Natural push Up, consumers have also reported side effects. Users also note the following effects in addition to increase in breast size:
-better nail growth
-better hair growth
-better bowel movements
-positive frame of mind
-feeling of improved fitness
-improved function of the sebaceous glands of the skin
-reduction in pre-menstrual complaints and menopausal symptoms
-reduction in occurrence of vaginal ailments such as yeast infections
N.B. It should be noted here that these side effects have been reported by consumers but not objectively analysed. Since no double blind clinical trial has been conducted, the occurrence of these symptoms as a result of suggestion should not be excluded.
I've followed three treatments. I have lost weight but I dont notice any change in my breasts. Does this mean that it doesnt work
Not necessarily. When losing weight, there is also a reduction in the fat content in the breasts. The breasts normally get smaller when one loses weight. In the case of somewhat older women, that is exacerbated by the phenomenon of sagging breasts. By using Natural push Up, there is a steady development of glandular breast tissue, so that the fat tissue that disappears is replaced by glandular tissue.
Does it work if you are taking medication
As of now, there have been no reports of reduced effectiveness by users as a result of the use of medications.
I'm a woman just beginning menopause. Can I still use Natural push Up

After menopause, the breakdown of glandular tissue accelerates. The effects of Natural push Up will then be less noticeable. From the reactions weve receive, it turns out that about 50% of post-menopausal users experience breast growth. The use of natural push Up does impede the breakdown of glandular tissue in 90% of post-menopausal women. It is also a beneficial substance in helping to reduce certain symptoms of menopause (such as calcium depletion in bones and hot flashes.
Is it all right to use Natural push Up during pregnancy

We recommend against it. We would only recommend the use of natural push Up during pregnancy if we could be absolutely certain that there would be no influence on the unborn child. One reason that we dont consider such research urgent is that during pregnancy, women already experience an increase in the amount of glandular tissue without taking any pills.
Can I use Natural push Up if I'm breast-feeding

No this is not recommended for the same reasons that we recommend against use during pregnancy.
If I use it now, will it have any effect on future pregnancies

No, it has no effect on future pregnancies. In view of the way this preparation works, that wouldn't be expected either.
At what age can a girl begin to use this preparation

In the insert, the recommended minimum age is 18. This is in part based on the fact that we only want to distribute the product to individual who are legally considered adults. On biological grounds, there are no problems with the use of the product for girls after puberty. Use of the product prior to the end of puberty is not recommended because the breasts are then still in the development phase.
If a woman has breast implants, can she still use the product

The answer to this question depends on the location of the implants. If the implants are under the breast muscle, then they present no obstacle to the use of natural push Up. If the implants have actually been inserted into the breast, then they impede the growth of the glandular tissue. Because Natural push Up still stimulates the growth of glandular tissue, the tissue that is present can be damaged because there is not enough room, and problems can occur. Therefore, if a woman has breast implants located in the breast itself, she can not use Natural push Up.
In conclusion: your breast first developed during puberty. That process took about 5 years. Restoring that volume within 6 weeks is therefore neither relevant no would it be healthy if a preparation existed that could do that. Rest assured that it normally requires 6 to 12 months. The "visible" change over time is dependent on the quantity of glandular tissue in the beginning phase. Unfortunately, a flabby D-cup is more quickly "filled" that a A-cup or a B-cup. True enough, about 50% of the increased volume of about 40 to 50% glandular tissue in a D-cup is clearly visible. The same percentage in an A-cup is hardly visible at all. Furthermore, nutrition comes from the inside. Ointments have no effect, which is why we don't offer them.
Sometimes the glandular tissue reacts to soft, expert massage. Use soy oil for this purpose, for example. It is unscented and is even fit for use in cooking. Massage from the armpits towards the front and never pinch the breast during such massage.
We hope that we clearly explained to you how Natural push Up works and how it should be used, and that you will be just as satisfied with this product as hundreds of thousands of other women have been.

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