propolis - Stamp out the flu with bee glue

Stamp out the flu with bee glue

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Stamp out the flu with bee glue

Britain can beat these new strains of flu with bee glue. According to recent research by scientists, bee glue or as it is known "propolis" can strengthen the body's immune system against viral, bacterial and fungal infections, ideal for colds and flu. In recent research by the Department of biochemistry at the University of Oxford, results show that propolis is very effective against viral and bacterial infections.

Dr peter Mansfield, a Lincolnshire Gp who has been taking propolis for the past five years, recommends taking propolis as soon as someone feels a cold coming on and says "A single sneeze can hurl a million germs into the air, and a cold can be any one of 200 viruses".

Bee Health Limited have had a 300% increase of sales in the last month and as a result are working flat out to keep up with demand. Bee Health Limited has recently applied for the propolis Specification "kitemark" set by the HFMA (Health Food Manufacturers Association) showing the highest possible quality standard.

New guidelines set by the government are asking hospitals and doctors to reduce the amount of anti-biotics being prescribed to patients in the UK. The overuse of man made synthetic drugs has created new strains of viruses that have built a resistance to synthetic anti-biotics. More and more doctors are now looking at the holistic approach and the use of natural anti-biotics in the fight against viral, bacterial and fungal disease.

With it's natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties this makes propolis a number one choice in the fight against infection

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