Olive Oil - Good For Your Health

Good For Your Health

people are beginning to realize that olive oil can make you healthy. The beneficial effects of olive oil have been well documented in the folklore of the Mediterranean over thousands of years, but it has been only recently that scientists have begun to recognize that olive oil can help to reduce the amounts of cholesterol in our bodies.

A few years ago,the Hebrew daily, Ha'aretz, reported recent research led by professor Eliot Bari at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, which revealed that, "Olive oil not only contributes to a lower cholesterol level, but it also prevents oxidation of cholesterol, which is the real cause of heart disease" (Ha'aretz, 10.10.94). The journal Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease has also confirmed the deoxygenating qualities of olive oil. Below are some excerpts from the article "Olive oil and health", by prof. Francisco Grande, from the journal "Science and Techniques" No. 23

"The olive tree has been cultivated for the last 6000 years or so in the eastern Mediterranean countries. The development of the varieties for oil production that were later to spread throughout all the Mediterranean countries is attributed to the ingenuity of the Syrians and the palestinians. (The historian)Tannahill writes that there was a great demand for olive oil in the Ancient world where it was used as food, fuel for lamps, medicine and cosmetics.

"(For different reasons) people living in developed countries often find low fat diets unattractive. Low fat diets, are advisable, however, from the point of view of health The current interest in the amount and type of fat in the diet can be attributed to the relationship between fat consumption and the development of certain diseases. The arterio-sclerotic process, whose most important clinical complication is coronary heart disease, is one of the chief causes of death in the developed countries. Approximately half of the male adult deaths in the United States are due to myocardial infarction and the differences in coronary mortality among western countries are largely related to differences in fat consumption."

Extra Virgin olive oil has been an important culinary ingredient since 4,000 B.C., due to its superior taste, purity and versatility. It has a low level of solid fats, a high level of vitamin A, and is easily digestible.
"It is a known fact that nowadays cardiovascular complications are the main cause of death in diabetic patients. In an attempt to prevent such complications, a diet rich in complex carbohydrates is recommended . Research by Garg at the University of Texas, indicates that introducing monoene fats into the diabetic's diet helps to reduce the proportion of carbohydrates without increasing, the risk of cardiovascular complications same times it even decreses that risk. Therefore, monoene fats, the best known of which is olive oil, can at present be considered the most suitable fats .

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