Libido Female - 4 Stages of Female Response

4 Stages of Female Response

In females as in males, there are levels of sexual response that have been divided into four stages. The first stage is excitement. With onset of sexual excitement there are emotional changes as well as vasoconstriction, vaginal lubrication and overall body changes. In line with the theory that sexual activity is stressful emotionally and physically, the body responds with an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. In combination with vasoconstriction, this can result in some women developing an uneven skin color during the excitement stage. There is mild vasocongestion within the clitoris that results in swelling to the point in some women that the clitoris noticeably elevates. There may also be slight swelling in the breasts and the nipples may become erect.

Some of these changes occur within seconds. For example, vaginal lubrication, which results from a vascular engorgement of the vaginal wall, occurs sometimes as quickly as 15 seconds after onset of sexual stimulation. It has also been shown that, due to accumulation of blood, the uterus enlarges slightly and may change its position in the pelvis.

The second stage of sexual response, called the plateau, is actually a continuation of the excitement stage. In fact, the plateau stage happens when vasocongestion reaches its maximum.

In the female, the third stage of sexual response is known as the orgasmic phase, which is both the most intense and short-lived stage. Studies have shown that during this phase, some of the vaginal and perineal muscle fibers undergo contraction.

If women achieve orgasm, it is most often the result of clitoral stimulation. In my experience, most women claim that the two most important organs for achieving orgasm are the brain and the clitoris. This does not mean that a woman has to be smart or well educated to have orgasms but rather that she has to be in the right state of mind. Most women also claim that reaching orgasm is a learned process and, unlike in the male, there may be various levels of orgasms.

Some individuals have suggested a role for the cervix in feeling a "deep" orgasm, however, most women report that bumping of the cervix during intercourse is an unpleasant feeling and can contribute to a cramping sensation after intimacy.

Because they do not become unresponsive to stimulation immediately after orgasm the way a man does, some women are able to continue having orgasms, one right after another. Many women report, however, that after the first orgasm, the clitoral area becomes more sensitive, and that any type of heavy touch can feel painful.

The fourth stage of sexual response is resolution. As its name implies, this is when the body returns back to its non-aroused state. It is thought that, as a result of blood draining from the genital area, the labia turn back to their normal coloration and the vagina returns to its normal size and position. The clitoris also resumes its normal size and consistency, which may happen immediately after orgasm.

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