Impotence - Inhibited Sexual Desire

Inhibited Sexual Desire

What Is It

Sometimes called loss of desire, inhibited sexual desire is more accurately the diminishment of desire by one of several psychological or biologic mechanisms. It may be the result of some other dysfunction, illness, sexually related emotional trauma or depression. Far too often, it is the result of a breakdown of communication and understanding in a long-term sexual relationship and of its underlying grief, hostility, anger, depression or sense of misunderstanding.


Symptoms include a persistent and encompassing absence of sexual desire or appetite, absence of sexual fantasies, persistent lack of interest in sexual contact with a sexual partner or an avoidance of sexual contact with a sexual partner.

What Your Doctor Looks For

Your doctor looks for any underlying conditions.

Most prominently

Relationship problems, sexual trauma, depression, stress and family crisis


Hormone deficiencies, alcoholism, kidney failure, other chronic illness, such as diabetes, as well as certain medications


Self-treatment is possible but fraught with difficulty. The various factors that contribute to low sexual desire tend to accumulate over long periods and can take considerable time to resolve. Although partners may spend a great deal of time at the beginning of a relationship having sex, they may not actually talk about it much, which may lay the groundwork for considerable future misunderstanding. Two individuals are almost guaranteed to have differing ideas about what sexual intimacy means, what it should entail and the place it should have in a relationship.

Although passion and romance at the beginning of a relationship may compensate for or at least cover up some of the differences couples have, major life changes, such as the arrival of a child, can uncover those differences and throw a wedge between partners. Some may transfer their erotic energies to an extramarital relationship or affair. Such a solution is likely to worsen the low sexual desire in the marriage and increase the risk of a sexually transmitted infection. A skilled counselor can help keep people from engaging in behavior that can potentially worsen their situation.


The prognosis is good if the underlying problems are addressed. If the problems are ignored or denied, they can lead to the breakup of a family.

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