Hay Fever - Hay Fever related to SAD and CFS?

Hay Fever related to SAD and CFS?

This material is provided as a public service by "NoSADs" (Northern Seasonal Affective Disorder Support Group) an informal non-profit group in Juneau, Alaska. This information should not be considered medical advice. please see your physician.

By now you probably know that hay fever isn't caused by hay at all. And it isn't accompanied by a fever. Seasonal hay fever is caused by plant pollens mold spores, and the like that come with warm weather and spring breezes. There is a more subtle form of hay fever that is seasonal as well, but happens in winter when you spend more time indoors. This can have a big effect on how your feel.

Every spring and summer, along comes the sniffles, itchy eyes, stuffed up nose, and that tired feeling. What to do One of Granny's favorite cures for the sniffles of hay fever was a ordinary dose of vitamin C. This, she said (and I can attest) usually gave several hours' relief from the sniffles, and to some extent the stuffy nose. And this treatment doesn't make you feel tired or nervous like some over the counter treatments. Vitamin C is relatively inexpensive too.

But why are you feeling tired Your body reacts to pollen and mold spores (or animal dander and house dust) by creating its own natural antihistamines (so Granny told me years ago), and that is the main cause of that sluggish feeling that comes along with hay fever season. Just like the over the counter products can make you sleepy, the body can have a similar reaction to it's own chemicals produced in response to allergens. So anything you can do to remove the offending material from your environment is important to how well you feel.

If your hay fever acts up because you are living in a country home in the middle of a pasture, with fence rows full of weeds, perhaps a simple move to a suburban home would help. Some people have found permanent relief by moving to within sight of the ocean, were relatively dust and pollen free sea breezes are the norm.

Hay Fever related to SAD and CFS

The acute hay fever in spring and summer is one thing, but think about someone who has year around hay fever because of ordinary house dust and animal dander or maybe an allergy to the powder they use to powder their nose. Excellent house cleaning habits can go a long ways to help in this case. A central vacuum cleaner, that vents to the outdoors (rather than blowing the finest particles back into the air of the home) can be a big help. Never use a feather duster (which simple stirs up the dust), instead use a dusting compound or damp cloth to dust. Some people go so far as to remove carpeting from the home (carpets store a huge amount of dust and dander).

If their own body is responding in a way that makes them feel tired on a chronic basis (through the production of the body's natural antihistamines), that person is paying a long term price in how they feel, and they may never fully realize what is happening, or they may blame it on Seasonal Affective Disorder or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The effects of hay fever can begin to merge with the complex realm of allergies in general

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