Glaucoma - Is it Glaucoma or Something Else?

Is it Glaucoma or Something Else?

Is it Glaucoma or something else

Subject: Re: Is it Glaucoma or something else
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posted by Barbara on June 11, 1999 at 12:21:53

Hello. Am a 40 year old, female experiencing gradual vision loss in right eye for about 5 years. Is not peripheral vision loss, but more upper left center. Approximte 30% loss of vision. Have had 2 MRI's and both with negative results. Ophthalogist says he thinks it is either neurologic or problem with blood flow to eye. He reports optic nerve damage. Neuro/opthal specialist said it was normal tension glaucoma. Specialist reported cupping of optic disc. My ophthalmologist says I don't have enough symptoms and am to young to be having these problems. He has started me on Timolol drops, once a day. Recorded eye pressure has been in the 16 - 18 range. I want to prevent any further vision loss, but am uncertain which diagnosis is correct. please advise if there are any tests/procedures I can try to rule in favor of one or the other diagnosis. Thanks. Barbara.

posted by HFHS M.D.-JL on June 11, 1999 at 15:54:50

Well it would be hard for me to make a diagnosis without examining you or looking at the diagnostic tests. Certainly normal tension glaucoma does exist and until another diagnosis is made I agree with starting the drops. It is possible that this represents a vascular event which could cause permanent but stable visual field loss. This stability of this could only be determined over time by following visual field tests. An unlikely but possible diagnosis would be vitamin deficiency or optic neuropathy secondary to certain medications. I would recommend continuing following up with a neuro-ophthal. Good luck.

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