Frigidity - Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

What Is It

Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) is roughly equivalent to male erectile dysfunction. Normal sexual arousal in both sexes involves an engorgement of the genitals with blood. In males, this results in erection; in females, it results in the secretion of vaginal lubrication, enlargement or (erection) of the clitoris and surrounding tissues, and a widening of the vaginal opening. On a physiologic level, FSAD involves a failure of the genitals to become sufficiently engorged with blood to cause adequate lubrication or relaxing of the vagina to permit intercourse.

An underlying medical condition, such as hypertension or diabetes, can lead to FSAD, but most often the cause is psychological. It may be related to past personal history or recent changes, experiences, or crises, for example, interpersonal distress with her partner.


An inability to maintain arousal sufficient to complete sexual activity; an absence of or inadequate lubrication; a lack of emotional and physical response to the sexual stimulation of your partner.

What Your Doctor Looks For

A determination of whether your lack of arousal occurs only with your partner, only in certain circumstances or if you have never experienced any sort of sexual arousal. Diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, need to be ruled out as possible causes. A woman's sexual and medical history, upbringing, possible emotional or physical trauma related to sex, or teachings that could result in guilt or withholding of sexual feelings, as well as the woman's present experiences may offer clues to the cause of dysfunction.


If a woman occasionally fails to become aroused or if a woman's partner desires sex more often than she, the woman is perfectly normal. If, however, the problem persists and is becoming distressful to either partner, it should be acknowledged and discussed openly. Denying the problem can lead to the breakup of a relationship or marriage.


Like treatment for erectile dysfunction, treatment for FSAD may be as simple as switching medications, or it may involve counseling to resolve some underlying conflict either within yourself or hostility or anger toward your partner.

When To Call Your Doctor

If you suspect your lack of arousal is due to an illness or physical condition, you should call your doctor and find out what to do. If you do not have an existing medical condition and if emotional or psychological stress may be contributing to your lack of arousal, your doctor may recommend counseling to help you understand your feelings. If your lack of arousal has caused a rift in your marriage or contributed to an already existing rift, consult your doctor and seek couples therapy in order to resolve the conflicts.


Excellent. With the proper medical attention or counseling and an empathetic and cooperative partner, FSAD can be resolved

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