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Shitake Mushroom

REI-SHI-GEN is the registered trademark of a natural nutrition food from organically grown SHIITAKE and REISHI mushrooms. The product REI-SHI-GEN comprised of 50/50 mixture of the vegetative (mycelium) and fruiting stages of two edible fungi namely in JApANESE SHIITAKE MUSHROOM (Lentinus Edodes) and REISHI MUSHROOM (Ganoderma Lucidum).


Lentinus Edodes


one of the consituents of Shiitake is an active polysaccharide known chemically as a beta (1-3)-D-glucan. It has its action on T-helper cells and generally recognized as being the most powerful immune stimulant.

Another component of Shiitake is an adenine derivative of dehydroxybutyric acid. It has been demonstrated to lower the blood cholestrol level. Shiitake is rich in vitamin B2, B12, and D2 thus helps to reduce sickness caused by vitamin defiency.


Ganoderma Lucidum
One of the consituents of Reishi is Organic Germanium (GE). According to research Reishi contains 800-2000 p.p.m of germanium. This is 4-6 times more than ginseng. Another consituent of Reishi is polYSACCHARIDES. These can improve the body's immune system and eliminate viruses.


Young and old can enjoy the protective benefits of Shiitake mushrooms. It helps upkeep the beauty, improve personal appearance and bring long life and vigor. It can also combat Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart ailments. It can increase immunity for allergies, common cold, prevention of cancer, chills, insomnia, stomach ulcers and hyperacidity.


Most recent research of Dr. Abraham Kryger, MD of Carmel, California, concludes that the LENTINAN (active - cancer agent in Shiitake given in powder form) has a potential immune stimulating effect particularly by its action on T-helper cells.

Collectively, the researchers are saying that LENTINAN in Shiitake and the properties of the Reishi Mushroom have the remarkable ability to help the body fight viral caused cancers and other viral induced diseases and the effect appears to be at least two-folds: interferon induction and Actual Anti-Tumor activity.


REI-SHI-GEN is neither a medicine nor a drug. It is just a natural nutrition for a good health. The REI-SHI-GEN product ismanufactured in hygienic facilities approved by governmental agencies. l The product contains no artificial additives and flavouring. The scientific basis of the production is on file in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) , Department of Health and Human Service, USA.

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