Cystitis - How Can I prevent An Attack?

How Can I prevent An Attack?

There are many causes of cystitis and it is not always possible to pin down the exact reason for an attack. However, there are a number of self-help measures you can include in your daily routine, which may help prevent attacks in the future.

Drink at least 34 pints of bland liquid every day-this will help keep your bladder 'flushed' free of bacteria.

Go to the lavatory when you feel the need, don't try to 'hang on'. This prevents stress to the bladder which can encourage an attack.

Always wipe yourself from front to back after using the lavatory, this helps stop germs spreading from the anus to the urethra.

Avoid vaginal deodorants and douches, perfumed soaps, bubble bath and talc-these may irritate the urethra. Showering rather than bathing may be helpful.

Avoid tight trousers or underwear, especially if they're made from artificial fibres. Choose cotton underwear with stockings and looser clothes such as skirts. This helps prevent the warm moist conditions and rubbing, which encourages germs to spread.

Avoid, dilute or cut down on liquids and foods you suspect may make your cystitis worse, such as alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, strong tea or coffee or highly spiced dishes.

If your cystitis flares up after sex:

  • make sure you wash your genital area and your hands before any sexual contact
  • try to pass urine immediately after as this helps flush out any germs
  • if your vagina feels dry during sexual intercourse use a lubricant such as KY Jelly to ease the problem of friction and lessen the chances of bruising
  • avoid touching the area around your back passage
  • if you use the contraceptive diaphragm, try using the pill, a coil or condoms instead.

After the menopause, hormone (oestrogen ) creams prescribed by your doctor may help.

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