Clitoris - Female Body

Female Body

Its true, females don't need jockstraps. But that's only because the female counterpart to the male penis comes much better wrapped than its "hangin'-out-there" male rival.

In other respects the female clitoris has exactly the same component parts as its male counterpart. Not only does it have the same number of nerve endings (researchers have counted!), it also has a head, or glans, which is extremely sensitive to the touch.

But back to the obvious difference--size. The clitoris, located at the top of the inside folds where your small and large vulvar lips come together, measures between three-quarters of an inch and two inches. It looks even smaller because it's bent over on itself, with only the head visible. And, unlike the penis, whose purpose is both for sex and urination, the main function of the clitoris is sexual pleasure.

When a woman is sexually aroused, her genital system gets swollen with blood, resulting in the erection of her clitoris. Also, like a man's penis, a woman's clitoris becomes erect about every 90 minutes that she's asleep.

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