Cervical Cancer - Cervical Cancer and Human papilloma Virus (HpV)

Cervical Cancer and Human papilloma Virus (HpV)

March 21, 2004, Style Magazine, The Sunday Times

Feature: Love, Sex, Fertility


Controlled clinical trials are under way in London to test the efficacy of a natural treatment that combines folic acid with a little-known Asian mushroom supplement called Coriolus versicolor. It follows highly encouraging preliminary findings suggesting that the combination of these two remedies will work to trigger the body's immune system to eradicate HpV, which is responsible for a range of conditions, including cervical cancer and warts (both genital and elsewhere on the body).

An estimated 80% of all women are infected by HpV within four years of becoming sexually active, and while only some strains of this virus have been linked with cervical cancer, 90% of all cervical carcinomas are now believed to be caused by it. The theory, as yet unproven, is that the combination of folic acid and Coriolus versicolor may not only help prevent cancerous changes to the cells of the cervix, it could even reverse them.

Folic acid is present in several foods, including broccoli, beans and meat, but in this natural form it is 40% less effective than when sourced from supplements. The typical therapeutic dosage is 400 micrograms a day. The good news is that if Coriolus versicolor can wipe out the more virulent HpV strains those that cause cervical cancer it should certainly be able to wipe out less harmful ones responsible for genital and other warts. This is a supplement to be aware of.

If you are being monitored for changes to the cervix, take these remedies as an adjunct to your next colposcopy examination. Take folic acid (400 micrograms a day) and Coriolus versicolor supplements. In their preliminary trials, researchers used six 500mg tablets a day for the first 15 days, then cut back to three tablets a day, all taken half an hour before eating. Order from Lemonburst (01273 558112,

Extracted from What Really Works in Natural Health by Susan Clark, published on April 1 (Bantam press 10.99). To order a copy at the special price of 8.79 + 99p p&p, call The Sunday Times Books Direct on 0870 165 8585

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