Catarrh - Avoiding Caffeine? Brew Up Some Herbs

Avoiding Caffeine? Brew Up Some Herbs

If you have problems with the caffeine in coffee or ordinary tea, a pot of herbal tea offers a refreshing alternative. And for good measure, you get the healing benefits of the plants themselves.
British tea expert Richard Craze offers a number of suggestions. Six teaspoons of crushed caraway seeds in hot water will produce a strong infusion that can be used as a sore-throat gargle, he says. To treat chronic catarrh, try a teaspoon of chervil, which tastes a bit like aniseed, added to four ounces of boiling water.
Craze says an infusion of lemon balm in boiling water is useful in easing bronchial catarrh and feverish colds. For sore throats and coughs, a tea made with two teaspoons of thyme in nine ounces of hot water should prove beneficial.
For tonsillitis, a cold infusion of raspberry leaves sweetened with honey and sipped at the rate of nine ounces a day is recommended.

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