Bruising - Vitamin C & Horse Chestnut for Bruising

Vitamin C & Horse Chestnut for Bruising

With sufficient trauma, anyone will suffer a bruise, of course this is both natural and often unavoidable. It is only when bruising occurs often and from very minor (often unnoticed) trauma that a problem may exist. Refer to the capillary fragility section for more information. One cause of easy bruising leukemia can usually be ruled out by any doctor with a simple blood test. More often, no clear cause for easy bruising is found.

Dietary changes that may be helpful

Many Americans eat insufficient amounts of vitamin C + Bioflavonoids ; and the the disease caused by vitamin C deficiency, scurvy, causes easy bruising. While very few people actually have scurvy, even minor deficiencies of vitamin C can increase bruising. people who experience easy bruising may want to try eating more fruits and vegetables common dietary sources of vitamin C. The diet can be assessed by nutritionally oriented doctors by using a diet diary, sometimes accompanied by computerized diet analysis. If such an analysis reveals a lack of dietary vitamin C and bioflavonoids (related compounds), the diet requires more fruits and vegetables to correct the problem.

Nutritional supplements that may be helpful

Doctors of natural medicine will often suggest that people who experience easy bruising supplement with 1 3 grams of vitamin C per day for several months. They will usually accompany this with at least several hundred milligrams of bioflavonoids vitamin-like substances that are needed to strengthen capillaries and therefore might also help with bruising. 1 If the vitamin C/bioflavonoid combination is helpful, however, it strongly suggests that the person s diet was inadequate.

Are there any side effects or interactions

(Refer to individual supplement for complete information.) Some individuals develop diarrhea after as little as a few thousand milligrams of vitamin C per day, while others are not bothered by ten times this amount. However, high levels of vitamin C can deplete the body of copper, an essential nutrient. It is prudent to ensure adequate copper intake at higher intakes of vitamin C (copper is found in many multivitamin/mineral supplements). No consistent toxicity has been linked to bioflavonoids.

Herbs that may be helpful

Aescin, a compound found in horse chestnut , has been used effectively as a gel applied at least twice daily to treat bruises. 2 Since this product is not widely available, someone concerned about bruising would have to consult a doctor of natural medicine to obtain it.

Are there any side effects or interactions (Refer to individual herb for complete information.) Topically, horse chestnut has been associated with rare cases of allergic skin reactions.

Checklist for Bruising

Nutritional Supplements


Homeopathic Remedies

Vitamin C


Horse chestnut No homeopathy commonly used for this condition


1. Shamrai EF. Vitamin p. Its chemical nature and mechanism of physiologic action. Uspekhi Sovremennoi Biologii 1968;65:186-201.
2. Calabrese C, preston p. Report of the results of a double-blind, randomized, single-dose trial of a topical 2% escin gel versus placebo in the acute treatment of experimentally-induced hematoma in volunteers. planta Med 1993;59:394-7

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