Bells palsy - Amanda's Story

Amanda's Story

last wednesday,when I was due at the library.I was putting on my lipstick,getting my 2 young boys ready,I went to rub my lips together,they wouldnt go together,the top lip looked very strange,It felt like I had just come from the dentist.I mentioned it to my partner,he commented that maybe because I had alott of injections at the dentist,there was a bit of an after shock.

when we arrived at the library I told tessa,my friend about my lip-she made a comment that it was strange as my dentist visit was over a week ago.

over the next few hours,my left side of my face lost all feeling,when I arrived home,I was very concerned when I looked in the mirror,and was quite shocked at what I saw.My left brow was lower than the right,my eye was open and sore,my face was puffy,I looked very un well,and my mouth drooped,I could hardly speak.

the following day I called the dentist,they said to go in,so I went in.My dentist was quite confused by what was happening and said she couldnt understand as my teeth etc looked more than fine.she suggested maybe it was some kind of cold and perscribed me some anti-biotics.

I started them right away,I knew by day four there was a real problem,looking back over the weekend,I remember being in a state of shock,and being very frightened.

on sunday night (4th april,2005),I was chatting to a friend,I mentioned I was bothered about my health,she asked what was happening,I described all my symptoms.she mentioned her father suffered something very simular ,she found a site about famous people who had bells palsy and information about what it is etc.

I was shocked even further as I read the symptoms,and I had every singke one,including hearing loss in one ear,heightened in another,I then began to do as much research as possible.

On monday morning I rang the dr,I was told to go in at 2pm,he said he would give me details to go up to the hospital and see the specialist.

me and my family went in at 2pm,dr K gave me a perscription for steroids and anti-virals.he asked me to go to the chemist,take 8 and then come back to the thats what I did.

when I returned to the surgery,he said he had spoken to the specialist at the hospital,andmy dose was to be increased from 8 steroids to 20!!!

I did as instructed,the following day since then I have been extremely ill,apart from yesterday (wednesday 6th april),I went to library again with my little one and forgot to take with me my steroids.I felt so much brigheter,and my lip started slightly smiling again.

so by now,bells palsy has been a part of my life for a week,I have treated it with aromatherapy baths,homeopathy,singing!!(I am a professional singer),and singing is fabulous for the circulation,and I am just going to start yoga.

I already exercise regularly,though now I will exercise to an even deeper more commited level.My whole lifestyle has to change.

people say I am handling it well,the way I see it is that it could have been something so much worse,and that there is a huge possibility of recovery.I have had so many positive thoughts and prayers coming my way-I am fortunate and blessed that my friends and family love me so much and offer me such support.

I made a decision today-to come off the steroids,and to use other methods in aid to get better.
so far I have used:

* patchouli oil-anti-inflammatory, and a nerve stimulant
* tea tree - fights any infection,keeps swelling down.
* skullcap tea-helps me to sleep,and keeps headache tolerable
* vitimin B12
* st johns wort-keeps down the inflammation
I made for my eye-I used sunflower oil as a carrier oil,and in it I added 4 drops of tea tree and 2 drops of lavendar ,I rub this over my eye and cheek,and also add it to my bath water.
I have madeup a careplan for today and to start yoga to heighten relaxation and visualisation :-)
I am tapping,massaging,moving my face each day ,so far I have almost got my smile back,I am feeling twinges and making small amounts of progress with each day that comes. __________________
you can see here the side affected,my eye was covered as I couldnt close it,not even to sleep.and had to be protected from infection and wind!!the children thought I looked great as a pirate...he he he

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