Aromatherapy - Safety Act 1974

Safety Act 1974

UK Health & Safety at Work act 1974

Under section 6 of the above Act, as amended by schedule 3 of the Consumer protection Act 1987, we are required to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that products supplied to you are safe and without risk to health when used and that adequate information is given to you in this connection. You should ensure that the attention of your staff is drawn to this information and that they also read our product labels.

Essential Oils are essentially complex mixtures of natural aromatic materials, and while these are of a low order of hazard, certain precautions should be taken when handling and storing these materials IN BulK. The general rules of industrial hygiene and good housekeeping applying to any chemicals should be observed.


Care should be taken to follow any labeled instructions on containers. perfumes or Essential Oils with flashpoints in the flammable or highly flammable range will carry, in accordance with Government regulations, labeling to that effect.

It is good general practice to store fragrances and essential oils in closed containers away from heat sources and protected from light and extremes or temperature.

For fire fighting, carbon dioxide, vaporising liquid or dry powder extinguishers should be used. On no account use water. Avoid inhalation of smoke and fumes.


Measures should be taken to prevent essential oils being splashed into the eyes or onto the skin. These should include wearing of eyeshields, the use of barrier creams, gloves and other protective clothing which will also limit odour contamination or personal clothing.

Our products should not be ingested. Smoking in areas where perfumes and essential oils are handled should not be permitted. Good personal washing routines should be followed particularly before handling or consuming food stuffs.

To avoid possible fire hazards, our products should not be heated with or exposed to open flames or other sources of ignition. Any materials used for cleaning up spillage's should be disposed of promptly, preferably by incineration, as some cases of spontaneous combustion of rags soaked with aromatic materials have been reported. Gross spillage's should be contained by the use of sand or inert powder and disposal of this should then be in accordance with the Control of pollution Act, 1974 and any other revelant Statute in force.

As Essential Oils are volatile, they should only be subjected to the lowest temperatures necessary for processing of the products into which they are incorporated. Special ventilation facilities are not required as a rule but the maintenance of adequate air circulation within the working area is recommended.

First Aid

Inhalation : Remove to fresh air and seek medical advice.

Ingestion : Seek medical advice immediately.

Skin Contact : Wash with large volumes of soap and water and obtain medical advice.

Eye Contact : Irrigate immediately with large volumes of milk or water and seek medical advice.

Special Remarks

We advise you to check with us before using any product for a function for which it is not designed and tested.

With reference to essential oils we claim no advantageous, therapeutic or other medicinal qualities for these materials, and believe that, in general, essential oil in concentrated form, should not be applied directly to the skin or ingested except under medical supervision.

All essential oils conform to previous samples supplied, and the purity and identification allowing for natural variation is guaranteed, unless labeled accordingly.

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