Aromatherapy - How to use aromatherapy and Techniques

How to use aromatherapy and Techniques

The recommendations detailed below are for an ADulT.
please modify dosages where appropriate.

  • INFANTS - 2 years 1/4 dose i.e.: 1-2 drops essential oil to 10 ml carrier oil
  • CHILDREN 2-12 years 1/2 dose
  • pREGNANCY : 1/2 dose i.e.: 2-3 drops essential oil to 10ml carrier oil


Indulge with a premixed Evergreen Massage Oil Blend or become your own Alchemist by creating a personal massage potion. Blend 5 drops of your chosen Evergreen essential oil or a combination of essential oils with 10ml of Evergreen carrier oil to create a therapeutic massage medium. You may use a single carrier oil or combination of carrier oils as your base.Once mixed you can massage your way to paradise
Relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere, inhaling healing aromas while rich essential oils sink into the skin- what more enjoyable answer could there be to the everyday assaults of tension and fatigue

Therapeutic Bath

Add 5 drops of your chosen Evergreen essential oil or oils to your bath, just before turning off the taps. This ensures most of the therapeutic aromas are not lost before you have time to immerse and enjoy. Where the Evergreen essential oil is noted as being skin sensitive, mix with a tablespoon of milk, a natural dispersant, or with a drop of Evergreen solubalizer before adding your oils to the bath. Alternatively, add 3 capfuls of premixed Evergreen Massage Oil Blend and evenly disperse through your bath water. If you prefer a shower, stop up the drain, sprinkle a few drops of Evergreen essential oil into the water and let your feet feel the benefit while you breathe in the deliciously scented steam. For an excellent body moisturiser, rub a little of your chosen Evergreen Massage Oil Blend into the skin at the end of your shower and lightly towel dry

Steam Inhalation

In a bowl containing one litre of steaming water add 5 drops of Evergreen essential oil . Cover your head with a towel, lean over the bowl and inhale, keeping your eyes closed.


Enjoy the mystifying benefits of essential oils. By adding 15 drops of essential oils or or 15 drops of your Country Harvest Blend to a 50 ml mix of water and ESI Aloe Gel, you can create your own personal moisturising facial Spritzer.

Direct Application

Evergreen essential oils, being 100% pure and natural, are highly concentrated and should not be applied undiluted unless specifically suggested. To dilute an essential oil or oils for direct application, blend 5 drops of Evergreen essential oil with 10ml of Evergreen carrier oil.
Apply locally to the affected area.

Skin and Facial Oil

Blend 5 drops of your chosen Evergreen essential oils with 10ml Evergreen carrier oil to create a therapeutic skin or facial medium. This same formula may be used to create an Aromatherapy aftershave.

Foot Bath

Soak your feet in warm water with 5 drops of your favourite Evergreen essential oil or oils. Rinse with cool water, dry and massage your neglected transporters. Alternatively, mix 3 capfuls of Evergreen Massage Oil Blend evenly through the foot bath.

Mouthwash or Gargle

Swish 1 drop of Evergreen essential oil indicated for use as a mouthwash or gargle in half a glass of water. Use this solution to rinse mouth or gargle.Do Not Swallow.


Fill your oil burner dish with water and light the candle or plug in if electronic, add up to 5 drops of Evergreen essential oil, either a single oil or a variety to create your own personal blend. In moments the invisible therapeutic vapour will encompass your senses.

Direct Inhalation

For an emergency lift, remove the lid from the bottle and inhale directly.

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