Animal Healing - Information on this Therapy

Information on this Therapy

What is healing

Like humans animal can get into a state of imbalance. This imbalance may express itself as a physical illness or as an unfortunate change in behaviour. Animals have no human thoughts or feelings, although it sometimes seems that way. Sometimes we misunderstand what our animals need just because we give the human thoughts and feelings, and this can w orsen the imbalance.

With the help of healing it is possible to get through to your animal in a soft and gentle way. By supplying healing energy you create a possibility of balance. The healing will supply energy to your animal, which simultaneously will activate the self-recovery of the animal. At the same time the healer through communicating with your animal will be able to find the course of the imbalance as well as to what you as the owner can do for your animal.

Healing is not only a treatment of symptoms.

REMEMBER : That an animal healer cannot completely replace a veterinarian, but the animal healer can be a supplement. Always contact a veterinarian when the animal is physically ill.

Sometimes it is the most expedient for the animal to be treated by a veterinarian, either by operation or by medicine.

By supplying energy the animal healer can support the process so that the animal quicklier will recover from its operation, and so that side effects of the medical treatment are reduced or completely removed.

How does the healing take place The therapy takes place in the natural surroundings of the animal. It is important that the therapy takes place where the animal feels the safest.

Ways of therapy Contact healing is the most optimal way of therapy, but I offer absent healing too.

Absent healing is a fine way of healing animals where close contact is impossible, for instance frightened animals in need of acute help, or wild animals in zoos and animal parks.

I am able to heal animals from all over the world, as distance is of no importance.

practical information relevant to absent healing In order to do absent healing I should like to have a photo of the animal, information of its name and age, and where it is located, so that I can make contact with the animal. It is comparable with me getting a telephone number to call. You can send the imformation by e-mail.

I am able to do absent healing without a photo, but a photo makes it much easier for me. If you do not have a photo of the animal I shall need a description of the animal, what kind of animal it is.

We agree on the date and time for the absent healing, choosing a time for the animal to be in its natural surroundings, having in mind that for example cats are not always at home.

During the absent healing you may sometimes be able to notice that something is happening to your animal.

If the healing is able to help your animal you can sometimes see an immediate reaction, some times reactions in the coming days. By healing you are starting a process.

Animals being healed can get very thirsty; therefore water must be available for them afterwards.

When the healing has taken place I will contact you for further information you might need concerning you animal.

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