Andropause - Male Menopause Herbs

Male Menopause Herbs

Although men don't have hormonal cycles as obvious as those of women, researchers speculate that there may be male cycles as well. Certainly, men experience an annual cycle; a man's testosterone levels rise in the fall and drop in the spring. Studies from Syracuse University in New York, Wittenberg University in Ohio and Georgia State University show that it isn't only seasonal changes that affect a man's hormones. Emotional events also have an effect-both love and war sharply increase testosterone levels. A man's hormone level also increases after a success, such as earning a degree or winning an athletic prize, and even during everyday speech.

Experiencing hormone changes as one grows older is not limited to women; recent research indicates that men undergo similar changes. Many of the symptoms of male menopause are surprisingly similar to those experienced by women during menopause-irritability, anxiousness, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats and decreased libido. British research indicates that a substance called sex hormone binding globulin (or SHBG), which increases with age, makes the tissues in a man's body resistant to testosterone. So even if a man has a fairly high testosterone level, the hormone's action will be diminished.

What to do when male menopause hits The treatment is similar to the one suggested for women. Strengthen your adrenal glands so that they can take over the responsibility of producing sufficient male hormones, and tone your liver to help it properly detoxify hormones circulating in your blood.

The same herbs used to increase physical stamina- Siberian ginseng, shizandra, licorice and ginseng-are some of the best choices to help you get through male menopause. You can try making the formula below, or you can use ginseng by itself. This herb is available in several forms, including the whole plant or root, or as tea, tincture, semi-solid extract (which is stirred into hot water) or various pills. One way to use the whole root is to soak it in a jar of water and bite off a small amount every morning. Kept in the refrigerator, a root will last about two weeks.

Male Change Formula

1 ounce tincture of ginseng root

ounce each Siberian ginseng root, shizandra seed and licorice root

Combine ingredients. Take half a dropperful once or twice a day.

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