Allergies - Treat allergies in Natural Way

Treat allergies in Natural Way

Herbal remedy for allergies, Treat allergies in Natural Way.

Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and swollen sinuses are only a few symptoms for those who suffer them that allergy season has arrived. If you are one of the millions who suffer from allergies and hayfever, take heart! Help is on the way. With the aid of select herbs and a few preventative measures, most allergy victims can find the relief they have been looking for without taking over the counter medications.

The excess production of antigen in the pancreas, liver and spleen causes allergic reactions. Milk and milk products tend to clog the system, while sugar and sugar products deplete nutrients. The elimination of these products will help you control allergies and hayfever but don't stop there. By also eliminating canned fruits and vegetables and replacing them with fresh produce you can help to build up your body's resistance before and during allergy season.

Select herbs such as red clover and licorice will help in building the body's resistance to allergens. One teaspoon of each steeped for 5 to 10 minutes in a cup of boiling water and taken three to four times daily or one caplet each of red clover and licorice taken three to four times a day will do the trick. For hayfever, cell salt or farum phos tablets dissolved on the tongue three times daily will enhance your treatment. An herbal combination of comfrey root, horsetail herb, cat straw, alfalfa herb and irish moss plant will help relieve allergic reactions, fever, and infections, as well as aches and pains. Apple cider vinegar, which is known for its antibiotic qualities is also a great treatment for allergies. One tablespoon taken once in the morning will relieve hayfever symptoms including itchy throat, watery eyes and sneezing.

Eucalyptus branches, placed in your bedroom or living room and which are often sprayed with in infusion of eucalyptus oil will relieve chest congestion and help keep your air passages open. Eucalyptus is known for its antiseptic qualities. Garlic, which is a detoxifier, is a great way to relieve congestion and help build the immune system. If you are concerned about the pungent fragrance of garlic you can purchase the non-odorous variety and take one caplet a day. Vitamin C in the form of rosehips is a great deterrent since it helps to build your immune system. Finally, taking calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and a good compound mineral supplement will help build your bodies resistance to allergens.

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